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The international network of computer networks interconnected by routers or gateways and using the standard TCP/IP telecommunications protocol to transfer data such as electronic mail -- the Internet connects millions of users among industry, education, government, research, commerce, and private households (Note: See also the Identifier "National Information Infrastructure" for documents related to the U.S. government's federal NII/Internet policy initiative)
Category: Information/Communications Systems
Broader Terms
Computer Networks
Information Networks
Narrower Terms
Use this term instead of
Electronic Superhighway
Information Superhighway
Internet Resources
Internet Use Policy
Net (The)
Web (The) (2004)
World Wide Web (2004)
Worldwide Web Service (2004)
WWW (2004)
Related Terms
Asynchronous Communication
Computer Mediated Communication
Computer Use
Electronic Journals
Electronic Learning
Electronic Libraries
Electronic Mail
Electronic Publishing
Handheld Devices
Information Dissemination
Information Sources
Laptop Computers
Online Courses
Online Surveys
Online Systems
Social Media
Synchronous Communication
Technical Support
Virtual Classrooms
Virtual Universities
Web 2.0 Technologies
Web Browsers
Added to ERIC: 2/23/1996