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Two New Products Highlight ERIC's Multimedia Resources
ERIC has developed a new video and infographic that can help you easily locate multimedia resources for your use. The new products include a video, ERIC Resources for College and University-Based Users, that describes ERIC’s support products of special interest to this audience, and a Product Guide that lists all of our products on a single page.

Check out the video if you are a student, professor, or academic librarian who uses ERIC. The video can point you to resources for answers to questions about ERIC, such as:
  • What is the best way to search ERIC?
  • Can ERIC help me write a research paper or conduct a systematic evidence review?
  • How can I find full-text resources?
  • What is the IES Public Access Policy and what does it say about submitting my work to ERIC?
  • Is there an ERIC widget I can add to our LibGuide?

In addition to the video, the Product Guide lists ERIC’s videos, infographics, and webinars with a link to each resource. There are ERIC materials available to support the full range of user groups, with even more multimedia products planned for development in the future. See the Multimedia page at to find all of ERIC’s support products, including a widget that can be embedded on a webpage or LibGuide.

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