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Webinars and presentations
  • ERIC 2016 Semi-Annual Update: This video covers ERIC's major accomplishments in the past year, such as the updates made to the ERIC selection policy and Thesaurus, and planned future enhancements. The upcoming enhancements include improvements to identifiers, hyperlinks to be added to ERIC records, restoring unreadable PDFs, and new communications products

  • ERIC Update: 2015 Accomplishments and Future Enhancements: This video covers ERIC's major accomplishments in 2015, including content updates, policy revisions, and the update to the ERIC Thesaurus, as well as new work initiated in 2016.

  • ERIC Town Hall: Changes to the Selection Policy: This virtual Town Hall Meeting was held on September 15, 2015 to discuss proposed changes to ERIC's Peer Review Policy with the ERIC user community. The video presents background information on the proposed policy and feedback from Town Hall participants.

  • The ERIC Thesaurus – A Key to Finding Resources in ERIC: Since 1966, the ERIC Thesaurus has been a critical component of ERIC. Find out how the Thesaurus supports ERIC users in their search for education resources. You will also hear about the work that takes place behind the scenes to maintain this large controlled vocabulary.
  • ERIC Annual Update: Hear a presentation given at ALA Annual 2015 and SLA 2015 in June 2015. This presentation highlights major achievements that we have made in the past year and then focus on big initiatives that we are working on going forward.
  • ERIC Users Committee Update—ALA Midwinter: Hear an update to the Education and Behavioral Sciences Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries (a division of the American Library Association) on 2/22/2015.

  • Contributing Research to ERIC through the Online Submission System: Are you a federal grantee? Or an author interested in making your work available to millions of ERIC searchers? If so, please see our latest presentation on ERIC's Online Submission System, now available on YouTube.

  • ERIC: Why did IES Redesign the ERIC Website?: Download this presentation to CENDI, an inter-agency working group of science and technical information professionals, on the redesign of the ERIC website.

  • Restoring Access to ERIC's PDFs: ERIC hosted a webinar on the ERIC PDF restoration project on September 16, 2014. The presentation addressed why ERIC removed access to full text documents and what process the ERIC team took to restore the PDFs.

  • ERIC Update: Increasing Access to Full Text, Peer Reviewed Education Research: Missed us at ALA Annual 2014, but still want to know the latest developments in ERIC? Check out our video recording of our presentation to learn what changes have we seen in ERIC in the past year, what changes are coming, and how public access will impact ERIC.