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ERIC Widget
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Downloadable widget available for use in a LibGuide or other electronic resource.
Video that provides tips on how to get the most out of your ERIC search.
ERIC provides videos, infographics, and recorded webinars to help researchers, students, educators and others learn about ERIC and use the tools available on the ERIC website at These materials are free and users may link to them without permission in LibGuides, websites, and other resources that support education research and practice.
Background information about ERIC, including who uses and contributes content to ERIC, how materials are added to the digital library, recent usage and content statistics, and other general information.
Tips and best practices for searching ERIC to find targeted research, including a search tutorial and guidance on using ERIC website tools and links to information on the IES website.
Background information on the ERIC Thesaurus and guidance on how to find and use descriptors to help narrow your ERIC search.
Information about the ERIC collection and how ERIC selects new sources.
Guidelines for users of the ERIC Online Submission System and information about the IES Public Access Policy for IES grantees and contractors.
Webinars and other resources produced in previous years covering information that has lessened in relevance.