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Search Tips
How does the ERIC search work?
ERIC will look for your search terms across a set of key ERIC fields: title, author, source, abstract and descriptor. You can also enter an ERIC accession number (ERIC ID) to search for the ERIC document itself, as well as documents that mention or cite the document by ID. An ISBN, ISSN, EISSN or IES Grant/Contract Number may also be entered directly into the search box.

Ranking of results is determined by many factors including the publication date (more recent publications are favored).

This video helps users understand how to find information in an intuitive way and, in most cases, without the need for advanced search logic. The video demonstrates how simple search strategies can be an effective way to search the ERIC database.

How do I create more specific searches?

ERIC field names
  • abstract
  • assessment
  • audience
  • author
  • descriptor
  • educationlevel
  • e_yearadded
  • iesgrantcontractnum
  • institution
  • language
  • law
  • location
  • publicationtype
  • pubyear
  • source
  • sponsor
  • title
ERIC filter names*
  • pubyearmax
  • pubyearmin
IES ERIC options
  • funded:y
  • wwcr:y
  • wwcr:r
  • wwcr:n

What other advanced options are available?

* Note: Filters must be combined with at least one other search term and cannot be used with AND/OR/+/-, etc.