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Field Experience Programs

Scope Note: 
Practical experiential learning activities under institutional or organizational sponsorship, usually away from the classroom or campus -- associated most often with grades 10-16, and characterized as less formal and concentrated than professional internship programs (Note: Before Jun78, the use of this term was not restricted by a Scope Note)
Category: Curriculum Organization
Broader Terms
Experiential Learning
Narrower Terms
Use this term instead of
Field Laboratory Experience
Supervised Farm Practice (1966 1990)
Supervised Occupational Experience (Agriculture) (2004)
Related Terms
Adventure Education
Clinical Experience
Cooperative Education
Field Instruction
Field Trips
Internship Programs
Nontraditional Education
On the Job Training
Practicum Supervision
Student Experience
Student Teaching
Teacher Centers
Teaching Experience
Work Experience Programs
Added to ERIC: 7/1/1966