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Nontraditional Education

Scope Note: 
Educational programs that are offered as alternatives within or without the formal educational system and provide innovative and flexible instruction, curriculum, grading systems, or degree requirements
Category: Educational Process: Societal Perspectives
Broader Terms
Narrower Terms
Use this term instead of
Alternative Education
Alternative Schools (1972 1980)
Educational Alternatives (1974 1980)
Instructional Alternatives
Teaching Alternatives
Training Alternatives
Related Terms
Alternative Teacher Certification
Charter Schools
Community Schools
Continuation Students
Continuing Education
Corporate Education
Correspondence Study
Degree Requirements
Distance Education
Diversity (Institutional)
Educational Development
Educational Innovation
Educational Methods
Educational Opportunities
Educational Principles
Educational Theories
Experimental Colleges
Experimental Curriculum
Experimental Schools
Extended Teacher Education Programs
Extension Education
External Degree Programs
Field Experience Programs
Folk Schools
Free Schools
High School Equivalency Programs
Home Schooling
Home Study
Individualized Education Programs
Instructional Innovation
International Schools
Looping (Teachers)
Magnet Schools
Montessori Schools
Noncampus Colleges
Nonformal Education
Nontraditional Students
Online Courses
Open Education
Open Universities
Prior Learning
Reentry Students
Relevance (Education)
School Choice
Special Degree Programs
Traditional Schools
Virtual Classrooms
Virtual Schools
Virtual Universities
Added to ERIC: 3/5/1980