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Scope Note: 
Schedules or plans of procedure under which a series of intended activities is directed toward desired results (Note: Use a more specific term if possbile)
Category: Social Processes and Structures
Broader Terms
Narrower Terms
Academic Support Services
Adult Programs
Advanced Placement Programs
After School Programs
Bilingual Education Programs
Church Programs
College Programs
Community Programs
Comprehensive Programs
Computer Oriented Programs
Construction Programs
Consultation Programs
Cooperative Programs
County Programs
Day Programs
Demonstration Programs
Developmental Programs
Emergency Programs
Employee Assistance Programs
Employment Programs
Evening Programs
Exchange Programs
Experimental Programs
Family Programs
Federal Programs
Field Experience Programs
Foundation Programs
Guidance Programs
Health Programs
Home Programs
Human Relations Programs
Improvement Programs
Individualized Programs
Inplant Programs
Institutes (Training Programs)
Intercultural Programs
Intergenerational Programs
International Programs
Internship Programs
Interstate Programs
Migrant Programs
National Programs
Nonschool Educational Programs
Outreach Programs
Pilot Projects
Poverty Programs
Reading Programs
Recreational Programs
Regional Programs
Rehabilitation Programs
Remedial Programs
Research Projects
Residential Programs
Science Course Improvement Projects
Science Programs
Second Language Programs
Special Programs
State Programs
Student Loan Programs
Summer Programs
Teacher Education Programs
Testing Programs
Transfer Programs
Transitional Programs
Tutorial Programs
Urban Programs
Vacation Programs
Validated Programs
Weekend Programs
Work Experience Programs
Work Study Programs
Youth Programs
Use this term instead of
Pretechnology Programs
Related Terms
Program Administration
Program Attitudes
Program Budgeting
Program Content
Program Costs
Program Descriptions
Program Design
Program Development
Program Effectiveness
Program Evaluation
Program Guides
Program Implementation
Program Improvement
Program Length
Program Proposals
Program Termination
Program Validation
Added to ERIC: 7/1/1966