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Scope Note: 
Degree granting institutions of higher education (Note: Use a more specific term if possible -- for specific aspects of colleges, use "school" terms if corresponding "college" terms are not available)
Category: Educational Levels, Degrees, and Organizations
Broader Terms
Narrower Terms
Agricultural Colleges
Business Schools
Cluster Colleges
Commuter Colleges
Dental Schools
Developing Institutions
Experimental Colleges
Law Schools
Library Schools
Medical Schools
Minority Serving Institutions
Multicampus Colleges
Noncampus Colleges
Predominantly White Institutions
Private Colleges
Public Colleges
Religious Colleges
Single Sex Colleges
Small Colleges
Two Year Colleges
Upper Division Colleges
Use this term instead of
College Bookstores
College Buildings (2004)
College Desegregation (2004)
College Integration (1966 1980) (2004)
College Segregation (2004)
College Stores (2004)
Desegregated Colleges (2004)
Elite Colleges
Higher Education Institutions
Integrated Colleges
Residential Colleges (2004)
Selective Colleges (2004)
Related Terms
College Administration
College Admission
College Athletics
College Attendance
College Choice
College Credits
College Curriculum
College Enrollment
College Entrance Examinations
College Environment
College Faculty
College Freshmen
College Graduates
College Housing
College Instruction
College Outcomes Assessment
College Planning
College Preparation
College Programs
College Role
College School Cooperation
College Seniors
College Students
Extension Education
Faculty College Relationship
Faculty Handbooks
Guided Pathways
Higher Education
Intercollegiate Cooperation
Living Learning Centers
Nonprofit Organizations
Postsecondary Education
School Counseling
School Counselors
School Guidance
Student College Relationship
Undergraduate Study
University Presses
Added to ERIC: 7/1/1966