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Postsecondary Education

Scope Note: 
All education beyond the secondary level -- includes learning activities and experiences beyond the compulsory school attendance age with the exception of adult basic education and high school equivalency programs (Note: Appears in the list of mandatory educational level Descriptors -- before Apr75, restricted to education beyond grade 12 and less than the baccalaureate level)
Category: Educational Levels, Degrees, and Organizations
Broader Terms
Narrower Terms
Higher Education
Use this term instead of
Grade 13 (1970 1980)
Grade 14 (1970 1980)
Post High School Education
Post Secondary Education (1967 1978)
Postsecondary Instructional Level
Tertiary Education
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Academic Advising
Adult Education
Career Pathways
Community Colleges
Continuing Education
Corporate Education
Individualized Transition Plans
Noncampus Colleges
Nontraditional Students
Post High School Guidance
Postsecondary Education as a Field of Study
Student Financial Aid
Technical Education
Technical Institutes
Two Year Colleges
Vocational Education
Vocational Schools
Womens Education
Added to ERIC: 1/9/1979