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Scope Note: 
Educational institutions at all levels (Note: Use a more specific term if possible)
Category: Educational Levels, Degrees, and Organizations
Broader Terms
Narrower Terms
Bilingual Schools
Boarding Schools
Community Schools
Consolidated Schools
Correspondence Schools
Day Schools
Disadvantaged Schools
Elementary Schools
Experimental Schools
Folk Schools
Free Schools
International Schools
Laboratory Schools
Magnet Schools
Middle Schools
Military Schools
Montessori Schools
Multiunit Schools
Neighborhood Schools
Open Plan Schools
Private Schools
Professional Development Schools
Public Schools
Racially Balanced Schools
Regional Schools
Rural Schools
Schools of Education
Secondary Schools
Single Sex Schools
Slum Schools
Small Schools
Special Schools
State Schools
Suburban Schools
Summer Schools
Traditional Schools
Urban Schools
Virtual Schools
Vocational Schools
Year Round Schools
Use this term instead of
Affiliated Schools (2004)
British Infant Schools (2004)
Cooperating Schools
Educational Institutions
Freedom Schools
Infant Schools (British Primary System)
Transitional Schools (2004)
Related Terms
Admission (School)
Ancillary School Services
Boards of Education
College School Cooperation
Educational Environment
Educational Facilities
Educational Facilities Design
Educational Facilities Improvement
Educational Facilities Planning
Effective Schools Research
Faculty Handbooks
Family School Relationship
Government School Relationship
Institutional Characteristics
Interschool Communication
Nonprofit Organizations
Parent School Relationship
Police School Relationship
School Accidents
School Accounting
School Activities
School Administration
School Attitudes
School Based Management
School Buildings
School Business Relationship
School Catalogs
School Closing
School Community Programs
School Community Relationship
School Construction
School Counseling
School Counselors
School Culture
School Demography
School Desegregation
School District Reorganization
School Districts
School Effectiveness
School Expansion
School Funds
School Guidance
School Involvement
School Law
School Libraries
School Location
School Maintenance
School Organization
School Orientation
School Personnel
School Policy
School Prayer
School Publications
School Recreational Programs
School Registration
School Responsibility
School Role
School Safety
School Schedules
School Security
School Segregation
School Size
School Space
School Statistics
School Supervision
School Support
School Surveys
School Taxes
School Vandalism
School Violence
Student School Relationship
Trauma Informed Approach
Added to ERIC: 7/1/1966