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Scope Note: 
Devices, procedures, or sets of items that are used to measure ability, skill, understanding, knowledge, or achievement. Use a more specific term if possible. Note: Corresponds to the Publication Type "Tests/Questionnaires" -- do not use except as the subject of a document.
Category: Tests and Scales
Broader Terms
Measures (Individuals)
Narrower Terms
Achievement Tests
Aptitude Tests
Auditory Tests
Cognitive Tests
College Entrance Examinations
Creativity Tests
Criterion Referenced Tests
Culture Fair Tests
Diagnostic Tests
Exit Examinations
Field Tests
High Stakes Tests
Licensing Examinations (Professions)
Mathematics Tests
Maturity Tests
Nonverbal Tests
Norm Referenced Tests
Objective Tests
Occupational Tests
Performance Tests
Placement Tests
Preschool Tests
Pretests Posttests
Prognostic Tests
Science Tests
Screening Tests
Situational Tests
Standardized Tests
Teacher Made Tests
Timed Tests
Verbal Tests
Vision Tests
Use this term instead of
Identification Tests (1966 1980)
Open Book Tests (2004)
Physical Fitness Tests (2004)
Test Books
Related Terms
Answer Keys
Answer Sheets
Guessing (Tests)
Instructional Materials
Item Analysis
Item Banks
Problem Sets
Response Style (Tests)
Standard Setting (Scoring)
Statistical Data
Test Anxiety
Test Bias
Test Coaching
Test Construction
Test Content
Test Format
Test Interpretation
Test Items
Test Length
Test Norms
Test Preparation
Test Reliability
Test Results
Test Reviews
Test Score Decline
Test Scoring Machines
Test Selection
Test Theory
Test Use
Test Validity
Test Wiseness
Testing Accommodations
Testing Problems
Testing Programs
Added to ERIC: 7/1/1966