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Teaching Methods

Scope Note: 
Ways of presenting instructional materials or conducting instructional activities (Note: Use a more specific term if possible -- for the instructional process in general, see "Instruction" -- for the individual teacher's manner of teaching, see "Teaching Styles")
Category: Educational Process: Classroom Perspectives
Broader Terms
Educational Methods
Narrower Terms
Audiolingual Methods
Blended Learning
Case Method (Teaching Technique)
Clinical Teaching (Health Professions)
Community Based Instruction (Disabilities)
Content and Language Integrated Learning
Conventional Instruction
Creative Teaching
Cross Age Teaching
Demonstrations (Educational)
Diagnostic Teaching
Direct Instruction
Discussion (Teaching Technique)
Drills (Practice)
Experimental Teaching
Grammar Translation Method
Individualized Instruction
Kinesthetic Methods
Language Experience Approach
Learner Controlled Instruction
Lecture Method
Montessori Method
Multimedia Instruction
Oral Communication Method
Peer Teaching
Precision Teaching
Reciprocal Teaching
Reggio Emilia Approach
Scaffolding (Teaching Technique)
Sight Method
Team Teaching
Telephone Instruction
Thematic Approach
Training Methods
Web Based Instruction
Whole Language Approach
Use this term instead of
Autoinstructional Methods (1966 1980)
Autoinstructional Programs (1966 1980)
Branching (Programmed Instruction)
Instructional Methods
Integrated Teaching Method
Negative Practice (2004)
Orff Method (2004)
Orff Schulwerk Approach (2004)
Presentation Methods
Programed Instruction (1966 1994)
Programed Units (1966 1980)
Programmed Instruction
Programmed Learning
Programmed Self Instruction
Project Methods
Project Training Methods (1968 1980)
Rudolf Steiner Schools
Socratic Method
Steiner Education
Suzuki Method (2004)
Teaching Methodology
Teaching Practices
Teaching Procedures (1966 1980)
Teaching Systems
Teaching Techniques (1966 1980)
Waldorf Education
Waldorf Educational Method
Waldorf Method (2004)
Waldorf Schools
Related Terms
Advance Organizers
Class Organization
Classroom Techniques
Cloze Procedure
Coaching (Performance)
Computer Simulation
Concept Mapping
Contingency Management
Course Organization
Curriculum Implementation
Developmentally Appropriate Practices
Dramatic Play
Educational Strategies
Individual Instruction
Instructional Effectiveness
Instructional Films
Instructional Leadership
Integrated Activities
Intermode Differences
Laboratory Procedures
Large Group Instruction
Learning Modalities
Learning Modules
Learning Strategies
Looping (Teachers)
Mass Instruction
Methods Research
Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Questioning Techniques
Role Playing
Science Course Improvement Projects
Sequential Approach
Small Group Instruction
Teacher Characteristics
Teaching Guides
Teaching Machines
Teaching Models
Theory Practice Relationship
Tutorial Programs
Writing Across the Curriculum
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