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Blended Learning

Scope Note: 
Variable construct describing approaches to teaching and learning that integrate, in a significant and meaningful way, more than one technique for delivering instruction. Widely associated with combinations of face-to-face and e-learning teaching methods, blended learning may also refer to other mixtures (e.g., individual and group instruction; self-paced instruction and lecture method).
Category: Educational Process: Classroom Perspectives
Broader Terms
Teaching Methods
Narrower Terms
Flipped Classroom
Use this term instead of
Blended Degrees
Blended Instruction
Hybrid Learning
Related Terms
Computer Assisted Instruction
Computer Uses in Education
Distance Education
Educational Strategies
Educational Technology
Electronic Learning
Experimental Teaching
Instructional Innovation
Integrated Activities
Online Courses
Technology Integration
Training Methods
Virtual Universities
Web Based Instruction
Added to ERIC: 7/8/2008