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Social Bias

Scope Note: 
Prejudicial attitudes toward particular groups, races, sexes, or religions, including the conscious or unconscious expression of these attitudes in writing, speaking, etc. (Note: Do not confuse with various "Discrimination" terms, which refer to the actions based on those attitudes)
Category: Bias and Equity
Broader Terms
Social Attitudes
Narrower Terms
Gender Bias
Use this term instead of
Anti Gay Bias (2004)
Discriminatory Attitudes (Social) (1966 1980)
Ethnic Bias (2004)
Hate Crime (2004)
Homonegativism (2004)
Homophobia (2004)
Related Terms
Age Discrimination
Cultural Differences
Disability Discrimination
Intergroup Relations
Labeling (of Persons)
Minority Groups
Nature Nurture Controversy
Negative Attitudes
Religious Discrimination
Social Desirability
Social Discrimination
Social Distance
Test Bias
Added to ERIC: 3/5/1980