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Partnerships in Education

Scope Note: 
Collaborative arrangements and endeavors between and among schools and other entities (corporate enterprises, community agencies, student/parent/citizen groups, colleges, other schools, individuals, etc.) designed to share resources, achieve common goals, and foster educational achievement, improvement, and reform (Note: See also the Identifiers "Coalitions" and "Teacher Partnerships")
Category: Educational Process: Societal Perspectives
Broader Terms
Educational Cooperation
Narrower Terms
Use this term instead of
Academic Alliances
Collaboratives (Education)
Educational Partnerships
Partners in Education Projects
Researcher Practitioner Partnerships
Related Terms
College School Cooperation
Community Involvement
Cooperative Programs
Corporate Support
Education Work Relationship
Educational Improvement
Family School Relationship
Government School Relationship
Institutional Cooperation
Parent Participation
Parent School Relationship
Parent Teacher Cooperation
School Business Relationship
School Community Programs
School Community Relationship
School Councils
School Restructuring
Shared Resources and Services
Added to ERIC: 7/30/1993