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Curriculum Development

Scope Note: 
Activities such as conceptualizing, planning, field testing, and researching that are intended to produce new curricula or improve existing ones. Prior to March 1980, the use of this term was not restricted by a Scope Note. Prior to 2008, this term may have been used to index the concept "Curriculum Implementation." For material related to carrying out curriculum plans or programs, see the Descriptor, "Curriculum Implementation."
Category: Educational Process: School Perspectives
Broader Terms
Educational Development
Narrower Terms
Use this term instead of
Curriculum Adaptation
Curriculum Improvement
Curriculum Planning (1966 1980)
Curriculum Reform
Curriculum Reorganization
Curriculum Revisions
Related Terms
Alignment (Education)
Articulation (Education)
Course Content
Curriculum Based Assessment
Curriculum Design
Curriculum Enrichment
Curriculum Evaluation
Curriculum Guides
Curriculum Implementation
Curriculum Research
Curriculum Study Centers
Formative Evaluation
Instructional Development
Instructional Leadership
Instructional Materials
Material Development
Media Adaptation
Relevance (Education)
School Supervision
Technology Integration
Added to ERIC: 7/1/1966