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Scope Note: 
Plan incorporating a structured series of intended learning outcomes and associated learning experiences -- generally organized as a related combination or series of courses (Note: Use a more specific term if possible)
Category: Curriculum Organization
Broader Terms
Narrower Terms
Area Studies
College Curriculum
Continuous Progress Plan
Core Curriculum
Elementary School Curriculum
English Curriculum
Ethnic Studies
Experimental Curriculum
Fused Curriculum
Home Economics
Honors Curriculum
Integrated Curriculum
Mathematics Curriculum
Military Science
Modern Language Curriculum
National Curriculum
Preschool Curriculum
Religion Studies
Science Curriculum
Secondary School Curriculum
Shop Curriculum
Social Studies
Speech Curriculum
Spiral Curriculum
Student Centered Curriculum
Television Curriculum
Unified Studies Curriculum
Urban Studies
Womens Studies
Use this term instead of
Capstone Courses (2004)
Capstone Experiences (2004)
Capstone Programs (2004)
Curriculum Content
Curriculum Problems (2004)
Teaching Areas
Related Terms
Controversial Issues (Course Content)
Course Content
Curriculum Based Assessment
Curriculum Design
Curriculum Development
Curriculum Enrichment
Curriculum Evaluation
Curriculum Guides
Curriculum Research
Curriculum Study Centers
Extracurricular Activities
Hidden Curriculum
Intellectual Disciplines
Language of Instruction
School Activities
State Curriculum Guides
Writing Across the Curriculum
Added to ERIC: 7/1/1966