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Acceleration (Education)

Scope Note: 
The process of progressing through an educational program at a rate faster than that of the average student (Note: Prior to 1982, this concept was indexed under "Acceleration")
Category: Educational Process: Classroom Perspectives
Broader Terms
Flexible Progression
Narrower Terms
Use this term instead of
Accelerated Courses (1966 1980)
Accelerated Programs (1966 1980)
Acceleration (1966 1982)
Three Year Bachelors Degrees
Time Shortened Degree Programs
Related Terms
Academically Gifted
Advanced Courses
Advanced Placement
Advanced Placement Programs
Advanced Students
Age Grade Placement
Early Admission
Gifted Education
Honors Curriculum
Student Placement
Time to Degree
Transitional Programs
Added to ERIC: 11/16/1982