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Scope Note: 
The characteristic of products, materials, systems, designs, etc. that relates to ease of use. Criteria may include, but are not limited to, clarity and transparency of directions, amount of time it takes to become proficient, how well tasks are performed, and how efficiently tasks are done. Prior to 2004, the Identifiers "Usability" and "Usability Edit" may have been used to index this concept.
Category: Measurement
Broader Terms
Evaluation Criteria
Performance Factors
Narrower Terms
Use this term instead of
Ease of Use
User Friendly Characteristics
Related Terms
Computer Interfaces
Computer Software
Computer System Design
Design Requirements
Handheld Devices
Human Factors Engineering
Instructional Design
Navigation (Information Systems)
Online Searching
Technology Integration
Use Studies
Web Sites
Added to ERIC: 11/5/2010