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Transformational Generative Grammar

Scope Note: 
A generative grammar consisting of syntactic, phonological, and semantic components in which transformational rules are used to relate the surface structures and deep structures of sentences (Note: Prior to Mar80, the use of this term was not restricted by a Scope Note)
Category: Language and Speech
Broader Terms
Generative Grammar
Narrower Terms
Surface Structure
Use this term instead of
Context Free Grammar (2004)
Deep Structure (2004)
Generative Transformational Grammar
Kernel Sentences (2004)
Sentence Combining (2004)
Transformation Generative Grammar (1968 1980)
Transformation Theory (Language) (1967 1980)
Transformational Grammar
Transformational Sentence Combining
Transformations (Language) (1967 1980)
Related Terms
Phrase Structure
Traditional Grammar
Added to ERIC: 3/5/1980