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Scope Note: 
System whereby visual images, with or without accompanying sound, are converted into electromagnetic waves and transmitted to distant receivers where they are reconverted into moving visible images (Note: Prior to Mar80, the Thesaurus carried the instruction "Television Technology, USE Media Technology")
Category: Communications Media
Broader Terms
Mass Media
Narrower Terms
Childrens Television
Educational Television
Public Television
Use this term instead of
Airborne Television (1966 1980)
Broadcast Television (2004)
Cable Franchising (2004)
Cable Television (2004)
CATV (2004)
CCTV (2004)
Closed Circuit Television (2004)
Color Television (1969 1980) (2004)
Commercial Television (2004)
Community Antennas (1966 1980) (2004)
Franchising (Cable) (2004)
Interactive Cable Television (2004)
Interactive Satellite Television (2004)
Interactive Television (2004)
Open Circuit Television (1966 1980) (2004)
Overhead Television (1966 1980)
Prime Time Television (2004)
Television Equipment (2004)
Television Lighting (2004)
Television Lights (1966 1980) (2004)
Television Radio Repairers (2004)
Television Role
Television Technology
Two Way Television
Related Terms
Broadcast Industry
Electronic Equipment
Journalism Education
News Media
Popular Culture
Production Techniques
Programming (Broadcast)
Television Commercials
Television Curriculum
Television Research
Television Surveys
Television Teachers
Television Viewing
Video Equipment
Video Games
Added to ERIC: 7/1/1966