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Skilled Workers

Scope Note: 
Workers qualified in a particular occupation, trade, or craft requiring a high degree of skill, usually in a wide range of related activities performed with a minimum of direction and supervision -- have usually had a combination of job instruction, trade instruction, and work experience such as apprenticeships or cooperative industrial programs
Category: Labor and Employment
Broader Terms
Nonprofessional Personnel
Narrower Terms
Use this term instead of
Auto Body Repairers (2004)
Auto Body Repairmen (1966 1980) (2004)
Body and Fender Repairers
Craft Workers (2004)
Craftsmen (1970 1981) (2004)
Drill Press Operators (2004)
Electricians (2004)
Floor Layers (2004)
Glass Installers (2004)
Glaziers (2004)
Journey Workers
Machine Tool Operators (2004)
Machinery Maintenance Workers (2004)
Machinists (2004)
Mariners (2004)
Motorboat Operators (2004)
Production Machine Operators
Roofers (1968 1981) (2004)
Television Repairmen (1968 1980) (2004)
Related Terms
Job Skills
Semiskilled Workers
Skilled Occupations
Trade and Industrial Education
Unskilled Workers
Working Class
Added to ERIC: 7/1/1966