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Performance Based Assessment

Scope Note: 
Evaluation of achievement, learning, etc., that requires direct demonstration of knowledge and skills via the construction of responses, and for which scoring can be based on the processes of the response construction as well as the final product -- typically, performance-based assessments are designed to elicit and strengthen examinees' critical-thinking skills, problem-solving strategies, self-evaluation skills, and other higher-order thinking skills (Note: Do not confuse with "Performance Tests," whose usage is restricted to evaluations of manual manipulations and body movements)
Category: Measurement
Broader Terms
Alternative Assessment
Narrower Terms
Use this term instead of
Authentic Assessment
Direct Assessment
Performance Assessment (Higher Order Learning)
Performance Based Evaluation
Related Terms
Achievement Tests
Competency Based Education
Competency Based Teacher Education
Criterion Referenced Tests
Educational Testing
Evaluation Methods
Performance Factors
Personnel Evaluation
Portfolio Assessment
Scoring Rubrics
Student Evaluation
Teacher Competency Testing
Added to ERIC: 4/16/1996