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Multivariate Analysis

Scope Note: 
Study of the relationships among three or more variables that are either dependent or neither dependent nor independent (Note: Do not confuse with "Multiple Regression Analysis" -- prior to Mar80, the instruction "Multivariate Analysis, USE Statistical Analysis" was carried in the Thesaurus)
Category: Measurement
Broader Terms
Statistical Analysis
Narrower Terms
Discriminant Analysis
Factor Analysis
Multidimensional Scaling
Path Analysis
Use this term instead of
Canonical Correlation
Centroid Method of Factor Analysis (2004)
Cluster Analysis (2004)
Discriminant Function Analysis (2004)
Discriminatory Analysis (2004)
Multivariate Analysis of Variance
Multivariate Statistics
Related Terms
Comparative Analysis
Generalizability Theory
Mathematical Models
Robustness (Statistics)
Added to ERIC: 3/10/1980