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Knowledge Base for Teaching

Scope Note: 
Variable construct of skills and information considered desirable and important for prospective and experienced teachers to know -- categories include: subject content knowledge, general pedagogical knowledge, curriculum knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, knowledge of learners and their characteristics, knowledge of educational contexts, and knowledge of educational purposes and values (Note: Do not confuse with "Teacher Competencies" or "Teacher Knowledge")
Category: Educational Process: Classroom Perspectives
Broader Terms
Narrower Terms
Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Use this term instead of
Teacher Education Knowledge Base
Teacher Knowledge Base
Teaching Knowledge Base
Related Terms
Foundations of Education
Knowledge Level
Teacher Certification
Teacher Characteristics
Teacher Competencies
Teacher Education
Teacher Education Curriculum
Teacher Education Programs
Teacher Effectiveness
Teacher Qualifications
Teaching (Occupation)
Teaching Experience
Teaching Skills
Added to ERIC: 11/29/1994