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Scope Note: 
Set of patterns, of and for behavior, that regulate interaction and enable mutual communication among a plurality of people, establishing them into a particular and distinct human group -- occasionally used in the more limited sense of the intellectual and aesthetic products of culture (Note: Use a more specific term if possible)
Category: Peoples and Cultures
Broader Terms
Narrower Terms
African American Culture
African Culture
American Indian Culture
Asian Culture
Folk Culture
Foreign Culture
Islamic Culture
Korean Culture
Latin American Culture
Middle Class Culture
Non Western Civilization
Oral Tradition
Organizational Culture
Popular Culture
School Culture
Spanish Culture
Urban Culture
Western Civilization
Use this term instead of
Customs (Culture)
Dutch Culture (2004)
Material Culture (2004)
North American Culture (2004)
Related Terms
Cross Cultural Studies
Cross Cultural Training
Cultural Activities
Cultural Awareness
Cultural Background
Cultural Centers
Cultural Context
Cultural Differences
Cultural Education
Cultural Enrichment
Cultural Influences
Cultural Isolation
Cultural Literacy
Cultural Maintenance
Cultural Pluralism
Cultural Relevance
Cultural Traits
Culture Conflict
Educational Anthropology
Ethnic Groups
Intellectual History
Intercultural Communication
Intercultural Programs
Minority Groups
Multicultural Education
Nonformal Education
Religious Cultural Groups
Social History
Sociocultural Patterns
Added to ERIC: 7/1/1966