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Assistive Technology

Scope Note: 
Any high- or low-technology device, piece of equipment, or product system acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used by persons with disabilities to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities, assist them in learning, enable them to participate in the workplace, or otherwise improve their quality of life (Note: Prior to October 2002, this concept was represented by Assistive Devices (for Disabled)
Category: Disabilities
Broader Terms
Narrower Terms
Sensory Aids
Use this term instead of
Adaptive Equipment (Disabled) (2004)
Assistive Devices (for Disabled) (2004)
Cochlear Implants (2004)
Communication Aids (for Disabled) (2004)
Cosmetic Prostheses (1967 1980) (2004)
Hearing Aids (2004)
Low Vision Aids (2004)
Mobility Aids (2004)
Prostheses (2004)
Raised Line Drawings (2004)
Self Help Devices (Disabled)
Text to Speech Synthesizers (2004)
Wheel Chairs (1970 1981) (2004)
Wheelchairs (2004)
Related Terms
Accessibility (for Disabled)
Audio Books
Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Electronic Learning
Individualized Education Programs
Normalization (Disabilities)
Students with Disabilities
Added to ERIC: 4/9/1986