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Edington, A. B. – Educational Broadcasting International, 1974
A brief, general history and overview of educational media. (HB)
Descriptors: Audiovisual Instruction, Educational Improvement, Educational Media, Educational Technology
Gupta, V. K. – Educational Broadcasting International, 1974
A technical description of television switches. (HB)
Descriptors: Communications, Electronic Equipment, Production Techniques, Technological Advancement
Ball, John C. H. – Educational Broadcasting International, 1974
An overview of the development and future of school radio. (HB)
Descriptors: Audiovisual Aids, Educational Development, Educational Media, Educational Radio
Webster, B. R.; Cox, S. M. – Educational Broadcasting International, 1974
A look at two experiments on the relative effectiveness of color or monochrome television in instruction. (HB)
Descriptors: Color, Educational Research, Educational Television, Intermode Differences
Fuglesang, Andreas – Educational Broadcasting International, 1978
The value of technology can never exceed the value of the ideas it transmits. Experts oriented toward technology and the written language have difficulty communicating with people whose minds and behavior are molded by an oral tradition. (Author/STS)
Descriptors: Communication Problems, Developing Nations, Educational Development, Educational Technology
Deregowski, J. B. – Educational Broadcasting International, 1978
The extent of the cognitive equivalence between a picture and the depicted object is the result of an interaction between the picture and the observer. The observer's reaction is largely determined by his pictorial sophistication and cultural background. (Author/STS)
Descriptors: Developing Nations, Media Research, Media Selection, Pictorial Stimuli
Giltrow, David – Educational Broadcasting International, 1978
One practical method which development film makers can adopt to increase comprehension of important scenes is to eliminate extraneous background information by putting it out of focus, or by shooting against plain backgrounds. (Author/STS)
Descriptors: Audiences, Developing Nations, Instructional Design, Instructional Films
Coldevin, Gary O. – Educational Broadcasting International, 1978
Results suggest that the technique employed in static background displays may be an important determinant of a speaker's impact on television viewers. (Author/STS)
Descriptors: Audiences, Design Preferences, Pictorial Stimuli, Spatial Relationship
Armour, Charles – Educational Broadcasting International, 1978
Three phases of pupil involvement with school radio are considered: (1) pre-listening preparatory phase, (2) listening phase, and (3) post-listening. The importance of the teachers role in creating an atmosphere conducive to children's enjoyment of school radio is stressed. (Author/STS)
Descriptors: Educational Radio, Elementary Education, Instructional Design, Teacher Role
Fussell, Diana; Haaland, Ane – Educational Broadcasting International, 1978
This study was divided into three sections: (1) determining the style of picture most easily recognized by villagers, (2) determining villager's interpretation of pictures intended to convey messages, and (3) determining the cultural associations various colors had for villagers. Indications were that most previously produced visual materials had…
Descriptors: Audiences, Developing Nations, Educational Research, Health Education
Jenkins, Janet – Educational Broadcasting International, 1978
Guidelines are provided for developing illustrations for use in distance education materials for rural adults in different cultural situations. (STS)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Developing Nations, Dropouts, Guidelines
Sherrington, Richard – Educational Broadcasting International, 1976
Outlines a possible syllabus for training educational scriptwriters under the following headings: objectives, audience analysis, message planning, media semiology, format variables, production constraints, and tricks of the trade. (BD)
Descriptors: Authors, Educational Radio, Educational Television, Professional Training
Barnes, Neil H. – Educational Broadcasting International, 1976
Outlines the major needs of parents which can be met by educational television and examines the support services needed to gain the full potential of television in this context. (BD)
Descriptors: Child Development, Child Rearing, Educational Television, Parent Education
Marson, S. N. – Educational Broadcasting International, 1976
Descriptors: Audiovisual Centers, Developing Nations, Educational Technology, Innovation
Potts, James – Educational Broadcasting International, 1976
Low cost portable video equipment was examined at a Unesco sponsored workshop in Kenya. (JY)
Descriptors: Developing Nations, Television, Video Equipment, Videotape Recordings
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