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Grantee and Online Submission System


  • ERIC only accepts education research. All submissions must meet our Selection Policy criteria.
  • Please review our Online Submission FAQs before submitting materials.
  • Only authors, those who hold copyright, or authorized representatives may submit materials.
  • Authors must grant ERIC the right to display the full text of the material immediately, with the exception of IES grantees.

Allowable Content

  • IES grantee and contractor submissions (see below).
  • Individual papers, briefs, reports, or books. For more information, see this PDF File infographic.
  • ERIC does not index textbooks, lesson plans, blogs, or html-only text.

PDF Requirements

  • Watch this video on tips for ensuring compliance with the ED Public Access Policy.
  • If your PDF does not have the required information, please use PDF File this coversheet and append it to your document.
  • All submissions must have an abstract, and a cover page with the title, author name(s), and publication date. Use the date of completion for unpublished work.
  • Complete all edits and corrections, and remove editing marks from tracked changes.
  • Remove your CV or resume.
  • For peer-reviewed work, provide evidence such as an explanation of the peer-review process on the cover or copyright page of the document. Alternatively, you may submit a URL to the publisher’s page or a PDF outlining the peer-review process.

Additional Information for IES Grantees and Contractors

  • Grantees and contractors are required to submit their work to ERIC unless they publish in a journal that has agreed to deposit on their behalf.
  • See the Grantee Requirements FAQs.
  • Submit your final, peer-reviewed manuscript upon acceptance for publication in a peer-reviewed publication, as required by the IES Public Access Policy.
  • The grant or contract number and funding agency name must appear in the online submission form and in the acknowledgement section of the document.
  • Full text will display in ERIC 12 months after the publication date.