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Online Submission Form
For a document to be eligible to use the ERIC Online Submission System, the material must meet the standard of direct relevance to one or more topics of the field of education and the quality criteria, except sponsorship, as described in the ERIC Selection policy (PDF). For more questions, please see the Online Submission FAQs, Grantee Requirements FAQs, and check out these tips.
Types of materials eligible for online submission
  • All types of non-journal materials outlined in the “Type of Material” table are eligible; preference is content funded by the Department of Education or other federal agencies, professional conference papers or proceedings, reports from credible sources not yet reviewed for selection, and dissertations, theses and practicum papers.
  • A journal article is eligible only if it is a result of federal funding or is submitted by the author.
Types of materials not accepted through the online submission system
  • Stand-alone lesson plans; however, a document comparing or analyzing a lesson plan may be submitted
  • Web sites, web pages, and blogs
  • Subject-matter related content is deemed to not meet the ERIC standard of being education research (i.e., an article on the “Battle of Lexington” or the “Pythagorean Theorem” does not meet the selection policy, but an article on research based practices to teach these topics is eligible for inclusion in ERIC).
All submitters must hold copyright or an authorized representative, and will be asked to confirm this status during the online submission process. Content with multiple authors is accepted when one author submits the content. Content may be submitted by:
  • Individuals, including federal grantees
  • Organizations
  • Publishers
Unique User Submission Requirements and Features:
  • All submitters using the online submission system must grant ERIC rights to distribute the full text of the submitted material to the public. The permission to index and display the content, once granted, provides perpetual access to the content for ERIC users.
  • Full text of all pages of a document or article and indicated attachments or tables must be provided; the submitter must provide an abstract.
  • Title of the article or document, author(s) name, and date of publication, presentation, or completion must be on the first page.
  • If it applies, conference information must also appear on the first page (conference organization, title, location, and dates).
  • The quality indicator of peer review is not assigned to user submission records unless it is work funded by federal research grants and being submitted under an open access policy regarding public access to federally funded research.
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