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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Ogawa, Rodney T. – Journal of Educational Administration, 2015
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is for the author to recount how his use of organizational theory to understand educational reform in the USA led to a change of mind. Design/methodology/approach: My shift resulted from my conclusion, derived from the new institutionalism, that only marginal changes can be made in schools and, thus, fundamental…
Descriptors: Organizational Theories, Educational Change, School Organization, Educational Improvement
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Achinstein, Betty; Ogawa, Rodney T. – Journal of Educational Change, 2012
The purpose of this article is to examine how and to what extent schools' responses to accountability policies in the United States influence the ability of new teachers of color to draw on their own and their students' cultural resources to engage in culturally responsive teaching. A 5-year study of 17 new teachers of color reveals that these…
Descriptors: Social Justice, Teaching (Occupation), Figurative Language, Accountability
Achinstein, Betty; Ogawa, Rodney T. – Teachers College Press, 2011
This book examines both the promise and complexity of diversifying today's teaching profession. Drawing from a 5-year study of 21 new teachers of color working in urban, hard-to-staff schools, this book uncovers a systemic paradox that the teachers confront. They are committed to improving educational opportunities for students of color by acting…
Descriptors: Urban Schools, Minority Group Teachers, Beginning Teachers, Urban Teaching
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Achinstein, Betty; Curry, Marnie W.; Ogawa, Rodney T. – American Journal of Education, 2015
Given educators' call to equalize educational opportunities, research is needed to illuminate promises and tensions in schools that resist negative labeling and sorting of nondominant youth. This article examines an urban high school that challenges traditional expectations for low-income, Latina/o students by engaging in "relabeling," a…
Descriptors: Urban Education, Urban Schools, High School Students, Hispanic American Students
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Ogawa, Rodney T.; Loomis, Molly; Crain, Rhiannon – Science Education, 2009
This study examines the historical conditions that fostered significant reform in science education. To understand these conditions, we employ a framework drawn from the new institutionalism in organization theory to study the founding and early development of the Exploratorium--a prominent science center that greatly impacted the field of science…
Descriptors: Science Teaching Centers, Science Education, Educational Change, Educational History
Achinstein, Betty; Athanases, Steven Z.; Curry, Marnie W.; Ogawa, Rodney T.; de Oliveira, Luciana C. – Leadership, 2013
Lower-income students of color in California are often underserved, as evidenced by low-resourced schools, an achievement gap, and low college-going rates. Educators increasingly call for "community schools" that link schools with community members and agencies to promote educational achievement and to access communities as resources for learning.…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Achievement Gap, Low Income Groups, Community Schools
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Achinstein, Betty; Ogawa, Rodney T.; Sexton, Dena; Freitas, Casia – Review of Educational Research, 2010
Given calls to diversify the teaching workforce, this review examines research on retention and turnover of teachers of color, focusing on new teachers because they leave at disproportionately high rates. Reviewing 70 studies, the authors found that (a) recent national studies identify turnover rates for teachers of color are now higher than those…
Descriptors: Urban Schools, Diversity (Faculty), Teacher Persistence, Student Diversity
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Achinstein, Betty; Ogawa, Rodney T. – Harvard Educational Review, 2006
In this article, Betty Achinstein and Rodney Ogawa examine the experiences of two new teachers who resisted mandated "fidelity" to Open Court literacy instruction in California. These two case studies challenge the portrayal of teacher resistance as driven by psychological deficiency and propose instead that teachers engage in "principled…
Descriptors: Faculty Mobility, Professional Isolation, Literacy, Educational Change
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Ogawa, Rodney T.; Crain, Rhiannon; Loomis, Molly; Ball, Tamara – Educational Researcher, 2008
This article is intended to spark a discussion between two research communities--scholars who study learning and scholars who study educational organizations. A secondary purpose is to encourage researchers to look beyond schools to examine learning in other types of educational organizations. The authors outline a framework to guide research on…
Descriptors: Constructivism (Learning), Organizational Theories, Research Methodology, Organizations (Groups)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Ogawa, Rodney T.; Kim, Ruth H. – Journal of Educational Administration, 2005
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to conceptualize the relationship between business and education and thereby offer a research agenda for examining the influence of business on education. Educational research has given relatively limited attention to the impact of business on education. Design/methodology/approach: This paper describes a…
Descriptors: Educational Research, Context Effect, Business, Educational Policy
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Achinstein, Betty; Ogawa, Rodney T.; Speiglman, Anna – American Educational Research Journal, 2004
This article explores the possibility that state educational policies, involving accountability and instructional reform, and local district and school conditions interact with teachers' personal and professional backgrounds to shape two tracks of new teachers that reinforce existing educational inequities. The present 2-year study incorporated…
Descriptors: Teacher Characteristics, Teacher Recruitment, Socialization, Academic Achievement
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Sandholtz, Judith Haymore; Ogawa, Rodney T.; Scribner, Samantha Paredes – Teachers College Record, 2004
In response to the establishment of standards by states and professional organizations, many local school districts have adopted a standards-based curriculum. The expressed purpose of standards is to improve student academic performance by providing teachers with a common sequence of targets at which to aim instruction. In this study, we examine…
Descriptors: Academic Ability, Educational Opportunities, Academic Achievement, State Standards
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ogawa, Rodney T.; Collom, Ed – Peabody Journal of Education, 2000
Describes the high stakes use of educational indicators to hold schools accountable for students' academic performance, using examples from California's Public Schools Accountability Act of 1999 to discuss the assumptions on which this strategy is based and examining the assumptions against the literature on the use of educational indicators to…
Descriptors: Academic Standards, Accountability, Elementary Secondary Education, Public Schools
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ogawa, Rodney T. – Peabody Journal of Education, 1998
Examines the relationships between teachers and parents with respect to teaching, suggesting that classic and contemporary organizational theory can help predict key tensions and issues likely to emerge. Discusses bridging strategies used by schools to manage parent relations, and examines schools' use of buffering strategies to shield teachers…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Elementary Secondary Education, Parent Participation, Parent Role
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ogawa, Rodney T.; Sandholtz, Judith Haymore; Martinez-Flores, Marilyn; Scribner, Samantha Paredes – American Educational Research Journal, 2003
Examined one school district's efforts to develop and implement a standards-based curriculum using rational and institutional perspectives. Findings show that the district took an expressly rationalistic approach in using standards, but lacking a clear instructional philosophy, the district also took an institutional approach. (SLD)
Descriptors: Curriculum, Educational Change, Educational Philosophy, Elementary Secondary Education
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