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Call for Feedback: Proposed Changes to How ERIC Indicates Peer Review
Call for Feedback

ERIC proposes to expand the peer-reviewed indicator to additional materials. ยป Learn more

Recent Update to the ERIC Thesaurus
ERIC recently updated its Thesaurus. The Thesaurus is the main tool that ERIC uses for indexing and it is the primary driver of our search engine. ERIC periodically updates the Thesaurus to ensure that it accurately reflects the language being used in the field of education.

The new update includes 19 new descriptors, 28 new synonyms, and changes to 17 existing terms. For more information, view the full list of updates and download the updated file.

This update reflects feedback from users, as well as suggestions from ERIC indexers—the individuals who see ERIC content every day. We added new terms to reflect the current new language in the field and updated existing terms where there are gaps or changes in the vocabulary.

If you would like more information about how the Thesaurus is maintained and how it supports users in searching for education resources, see the video The ERIC Thesaurus - A Key to Finding Resources in ERIC. You will hear about the work that takes place behind the scenes to maintain this large, controlled vocabulary of more than 11,000 terms in the field of education. The video is available on the Multimedia page.

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