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Nongraded Instructional Grouping

Scope Note: 
Grouping students according to such characteristics as academic achievement, mental and physical ability, or emotional development rather than by age or grade level (Note: Some of the former "nongraded/ungraded" Descriptors merged with this term were occasionally used to index "Nongraded Student Evaluation")
Category: Curriculum Organization
Broader Terms
Grouping (Instructional Purposes)
Narrower Terms
Use this term instead of
Nongraded Classes (1966 1980)
Nongraded Primary System (1966 1980)
Nongraded System (1966 1980)
Ungraded Classes (1966 1980)
Ungraded Curriculum (1966 1980)
Ungraded Elementary Programs (1966 1980)
Ungraded Primary Programs (1966 1980)
Ungraded Programs (1966 1980)
Ungraded Schools (1966 1980)
Related Terms
Ability Grouping
Age Grade Placement
Continuous Progress Plan
Flexible Progression
Instructional Program Divisions
Mixed Age Grouping
Multigraded Classes
Multiunit Schools
Open Education
Added to ERIC: 3/5/1980