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Kane, Frank – Social Studies Review, 1983
Because of the unpopularity of the inquiry method, most new government texts are of the straight narrative type. Many educators believe that civics curriculum materials are subject to censorship by special interest groups. Regarding goal achievement, many believe civic education has not trained students to accept their civic responsibilities. (RM)
Descriptors: Censorship, Citizenship Education, Citizenship Responsibility, Civics
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Otto, Jean H. – Social Education, 1990
Dissects features of the First Amendment, concentrating on freedom of religion, speech, and press clauses. Highlights the Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier case and its reverberations. Argues that, when school officials censor, students learn that government may censor. Suggests censorship is counterproductive to schools' mission to promote…
Descriptors: Administrative Policy, Censorship, Citizenship Education, Civil Liberties
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Mueller, Jean West; Schamel, Wynell Burroughs – Social Education, 1990
Introduces the censorship, and imprisonment of Jehovah's Witnesses who distributed, "The Finished Mystery," which contained antiwar statements deemed seditious during World War I. Asks students to examine a Justice Department document pertaining to the case. Helps students decide whether national security needs should override First…
Descriptors: Censorship, Civil Liberties, Freedom of Speech, Government Role
Allen, Winfred G., Jr., Ed. – 1976
This issue of the "Freedom of Speech Newsletter" contains three articles. "Big Brother, 1976--Judges and the Gag Order" by Miles Clark examines constitutional censorship of the media and government secrecy. "Democratic Rights: A Socialist View" by Kipp Dawson argues that "the rulers of the United States have never granted the American people any…
Descriptors: Censorship, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Court Litigation
Giffard, C. Anthony; Cohen, Lisa – 1987
Network television news has often been accused of inciting and prolonging incidents of public violence, whether riots or terrorism, and in South Africa this type of thinking has led to increasingly stringent restrictions on both domestic and foreign media covering the violent unrest there. A study determined a chronology of events and analyzed the…
Descriptors: Censorship, Foreign Countries, Mass Media Effects, Media Research
Kane, Peter E., Ed. – 1981
The 11 articles in this collection deal with theoretical and practical freedom of speech issues. The topics covered are (1) the United States Supreme Court and communication theory; (2) truth, knowledge, and a democratic respect for diversity; (3) denial of freedom of speech in Jock Yablonski's campaign for the presidency of the United Mine…
Descriptors: Attitude Measures, Bibliographies, Censorship, Civil Liberties
Pinsker, Sanford; Pinsker, Ann – 2002
The social, cultural, and historical documents and commentary in this casebook illuminate the reading of "The Catcher in the Rye," a novel that has become an important rite of passage for many young adults. In addition to a literary analysis, the casebook acquaints students with the larger world in which Holden Caulfield, the…
Descriptors: Censorship, Class Activities, Cultural Context, Instructional Materials
Phifer, Gregg, Ed. – 1978
The 17 articles in this collection deal with theoretical and practical freedom of speech issues. The topics include: freedom of speech in Marquette Park, Illinois; Nazis in Skokie, Illinois; freedom of expression in the Confederate States of America; Robert M. LaFollette's arguments for free speech and the rights of Congress; the United States…
Descriptors: Activism, Bibliographies, Censorship, Civil Liberties
Abrams, J. Marc; Goodman, S. Mark – 1988
A student's right to freedom of expression was well-protected by twenty years of legal history until the United States Supreme Court in its 1988 decision Hazelwood School District, et al. v. Kuhlmeier, et al. sharply limited this right by approving a school district's censorship of a high school newspaper. Prior to the Kuhlmeier decision courts…
Descriptors: Censorship, Civil Liberties, Constitutional Law, Court Litigation
Lent, John A. – 1975
Research conducted during the past 20 years reveals that, except for the "New York Times,""Christian Science Monitor," and "Wall Street Journal," United States daily newspapers are not known for outstanding international news coverage; that European, English, Canadian, Latin American, and Asian newspapers use…
Descriptors: International Organizations, International Relations, Journalism, Mass Media
Click, J. William; Kopenhaver, Lillian Lodge – 1986
The opinions of principals and newspaper advisers toward high school student press freedom were surveyed in a random sample of principals and newspaper advisers at 502 high schools in all 50 states. Subjects completed a 39-statement instrument on which they indicated levels of agreement or disagreement on the following concerns: control and…
Descriptors: Administrator Attitudes, Administrator Responsibility, Administrator Role, Censorship
Skornia, Harry J. – 1974
This book contains a documented critical analysis of the state of broadcast journalism in the United States. It also examines the conditions that prevent news broadcasting as a practice from being a profession, and suggests steps needed to achieve professionalism in providing the kind of news service the nation needs but is not getting. Some of…
Descriptors: Analytical Criticism, Censorship, Freedom of Speech, Higher Education
Hausman, John – 1982
The prison press in the United States operates under varying degrees of First Amendment freedom. Court decisions have been varied, and have not resolved whether convicts can produce or receive publications without censorship by prison officials. Until about 1970, censorship of the prison press was rarely challenged. Most newspapers and magazines…
Descriptors: Administrators, Censorship, Correctional Institutions, Court Litigation
Devol, Kenneth S., Ed.; Bluem, A. William, Ed. – 1971
Fifty-two key decisions of the United States Supreme Court which involve freedom of expression are presented in this book. Cases considered range from 1919 to 1971 and deal only with those decisions of the Court which are specifically relevant to the mass media although major emphasis is placed on the 43 major media decisions handed down from the…
Descriptors: Broadcast Industry, Censorship, Freedom of Speech, Legal Problems
Young, Diana, Comp. – 1982
This report presents papers, transcripts of speeches and group discussions, and other documents from a June 1982 conference on school and library services to children in the southeastern United States. The major presentations include: (1) a keynote address by Sara W. Hodgkins entitled "Our Children, Our Future"; (2) the transcript of an…
Descriptors: Accreditation (Institutions), Censorship, Childhood Needs, Demonstration Programs
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