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Tomlinson, Carol Ann; Imbeau, Marcia B. – ASCD, 2023
Updated with new research and insights, the second edition of this foundational guide to the "how" of differentiation provides the thoughtful strategies teachers need to create and maintain classrooms where each student is recognized and respected and every student thrives. One of the most powerful lessons a teacher must learn is that…
Descriptors: Teacher Leadership, Classroom Techniques, Individualized Instruction, Elementary Secondary Education
Bottoms, Gene – ASCD, 2022
How do some high schools produce graduates that consistently achieve at high levels? Would you believe there's a set of proven strategies that could help you deliver similar impressive results and better prepare students for the world after high school? High schools in the United States face a startling reality: many graduates are unprepared for…
Descriptors: High Schools, Career Pathways, High School Graduates, College Readiness
Doubet, Kristina J. – ASCD, 2022
Want to make your instruction more equitable and effective, more interesting, and more fun? It's time to try flexible grouping. Unlike traditional grouping, which typically puts like with like or combines students without regard to the best way to promote their individual growth, flexible grouping is both purposeful "and" fluid,…
Descriptors: Grouping (Instructional Purposes), Individualized Instruction, Educational Strategies, Group Activities
Berg, Jill Harrison – ASCD, 2022
In "Uprooting Instructional Inequity," noted leadership coach Jill Harrison Berg offers a comprehensive guide to help school and teacher leaders amplify the power of collaborative inquiry as a means for identifying, interrogating, and addressing instructional inequity. At the center of the book is Berg's i3PD Planning Map, an invaluable…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Equal Education, Active Learning, Inquiry
Hoerr, Thomas R. – ASCD, 2022
A principal's skills, knowledge, and experience are important when it comes to leading schools. But whether interacting with staff, students, or parents, principals also need empathy--a key social-emotional skill--to be effective and drive continuous improvement. In this book, veteran school leader Thomas R. Hoerr makes the case for why schools…
Descriptors: Principals, Administrator Role, Empathy, Interaction
Parker, Kimberly N. – ASCD, 2022
Literacy is the foundation for all learning and must be accessible to all students. This fundamental truth is where Kimberly Parker begins to explore how culturally relevant teaching can help students work toward justice. Her goal is to make the literacy classroom a place where students can safely talk about key issues, move to dismantle…
Descriptors: Culturally Relevant Education, Literacy Education, Teacher Behavior, Teacher Attitudes
Sperry, Chris; Scheibe, Cyndy – ASCD, 2022
In our media-saturated environment, how can we teach students to distinguish true statements from those that are false, misleading, or manipulative? How can we help them develop the skills needed to identify biases and stereotypes, determine credibility of sources, and analyze their own thinking and its effect on their perceptions? In…
Descriptors: Media Literacy, Critical Thinking, Cooperation, Learning Activities
Ervin, Scott – ASCD, 2022
Positive student behaviors are desired outcomes, but this manual concentrates on inputs. How do you respond to difficult behavior in the moment when you know that punitive, compliance-based behavior management is so often ineffectual? What's the best way to prevent students from acting out in the first place? The path to success requires…
Descriptors: Student Behavior, Behavior Problems, Prevention, Intervention
Walsh, Jackie Acree – ASCD, 2022
Learning knows no boundaries. The potential for learning exists whenever and wherever we interact with our environment. So how can we infuse school learning with the authenticity and excitement associated with real-life experiences? In "Questioning for Formative Feedback," Jackie Acree Walsh explores the relationship between questioning…
Descriptors: Formative Evaluation, Feedback (Response), Questioning Techniques, Elementary Secondary Education
Ventura, Steve; Ventura, Michelle – ASCD, 2022
What if you had a collaborative process of looking at student data that could pinpoint student gaps in learning and suggest effective strategies to close those gaps? What if you knew not only what you should "start" doing to enhance student learning, but also what you should stop doing because it hasn't given you the hoped-for results?…
Descriptors: Communities of Practice, Outcomes of Education, Educational Improvement, Teacher Effectiveness
Fullmer, Lauren M.; Bond, Laura F.; Molyneaux, Crystal N.; Nayman, Samuel J.; Elias, Maurice J. – ASCD, 2022
We often hear that a key purpose of schooling is to prepare students for informed and active citizenship. But what does this look like in practice? How do teachers pursue this goal amid other pressing priorities, including student mastery of both academic content and social-emotional competencies? "Students Taking Action Together," based…
Descriptors: Social Emotional Learning, Citizen Participation, Democracy, Elementary Secondary Education
Jensen, Eric – ASCD, 2022
In this thought-provoking book, renowned educator and learning expert Eric Jensen takes his most personal, profound look yet at how poverty and inequity hurt students and their chances for success in life--and how teachers across all grade levels and subject areas can infuse equity into every aspect of their practice. Drawing from a broad survey…
Descriptors: Poverty, Equal Education, Teacher Student Relationship, Culturally Relevant Education
Kise, Jane; Holm, Ann – ASCD, 2022
It's time to make your mental bandwidth work for you. Being an educator is more stressful than ever, and teachers and administrators must constantly shift gears. You can do a quick self-check and begin fueling your brain energy: take the Educator Bandwidth Survey. "Educator Bandwidth: How to Reclaim Your Energy, Passion, and Time"…
Descriptors: Stress Management, Teacher Burnout, Stress Variables, Time Management
Carbaugh, Eric M.; McCullough, Laura; Raftery, Meghan; Linaburg, Ebbie – ASCD, 2022
This practical guide shows leaders how to implement and sustain a robust microcredentialing program in their school or district. Teachers require rigorous professional learning that ensures mastery rather than simply marking time served. Microcredentials offer a competency-based approach to professional learning that can be tailored to…
Descriptors: Capacity Building, Credentials, Faculty Development, Mastery Learning
Chism, Dwayne – ASCD, 2022
A four-step process for effective equity practices in schools, with an array of professional development activities, leadership tips, and downloadable tools. Recent years have brought new calls to dismantle discriminatory policies and practices in U.S. schools. But adopting an equity focus doesn't guarantee the desired results. There's a risk that…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Leadership Responsibility, Knowledge Level, Consciousness Raising
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