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Cummins, Phyllis A.; Brown, J. Scott; Bahr, Peter Riley; Mehri, Nader – Grantee Submission, 2018
Recent years have seen growing recognition of the importance of a college-educated workforce to meet the needs of employers and ensure economic growth. Lifelong learning, including completing a postsecondary credential, increasingly is necessary to improve employment outcomes among workers, both old and young, who face rising demands for new and…
Descriptors: Nontraditional Students, Older Adults, Adults, Enrollment Trends
Goldstein, Howard; Olszewski, Arnold; Haring, Christa; Greenwood, Charles R.; McCune, Luke; Carta, Judith; Atwater, Jane; Guerrero, Gabriela; Schneider, Naomi; McCarthy, Tanya; Kelley, Elizabeth S. – Grantee Submission, 2017
Purpose: Children who do not develop early literacy skills, especially phonological awareness (PA) and alphabet knowledge, prior to kindergarten are at risk for reading difficulties. We investigated a supplemental curriculum with children demonstrating delays in these skills.Method: A cluster randomized design with 104 preschool-age children in 39…
Descriptors: At Risk Students, Comparative Analysis, Curriculum, Developmental Delays
Owens, Julie Sarno; Schwartz, Madeline E.; Erchul, William P.; Himawan, Lina; Evans, Steven W.; Coles, Erika K.; Schulte, Ann C. – Grantee Submission, 2017
The goals were to (a) replicate the findings of Erchul, Raven, and Whichard (2001) with regard to the Consultee/Teacher Version of the Interpersonal Power Inventory (IPI; Raven, Schwarzwald, & Koslowsky, 1998), and (b) advance the literature by examining IPI scores about a current consultation relationship. Sample 1 included 99 elementary…
Descriptors: Change Strategies, Consultants, Elementary School Teachers, Group Dynamics
Owens, Julie Sarno; Coles, Erika K.; Evans, Steven W.; Himawan, Lina K.; Girio-Herrera, Erin; Holdaway, Alex S.; Zoromski, Allison K.; Schamberg, Terah; Schulte, Ann – Grantee Submission, 2017
The goal of this pilot study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a multi-component consultation package in improving teachers' classroom management skills, particularly among teachers with lower baseline levels of knowledge, skills, and intervention-supportive beliefs. Participants were 58 elementary school teachers (93% female; 50% Non-Hispanic…
Descriptors: Intervention, Behavior Modification, Consultation Programs, Classroom Techniques
Plebanek, Daniel J.; Sloutsky, Vladimir M. – Grantee Submission, 2017
One of the lawlike regularities of psychological science is that of developmental progression--an increase in sensorimotor, cognitive, and social functioning from childhood to adulthood. Here, we report a rare violation of this law, a developmental reversal in attention. In Experiment 1, 4­- to 5­- year ­olds (n = 34) and adults (n = 35) performed…
Descriptors: Attention, Young Children, Adults, Age Differences
Gandhi, Allison Gruner; Ogut, Burhan; Stein, Laura; Bzura, Robin; Danielson, Louis – Grantee Submission, 2017
This study reports findings from studies examining potential read-aloud accommodations on standardized reading comprehension assessments for students with decoding difficulties. Three types of accommodations were evaluated: question stems and answer options read aloud; question stems, answer options, and proper nouns read aloud; and full…
Descriptors: Testing Accommodations, Reading Difficulties, Decoding (Reading), Reading Tests
McKoon, Gai; Ratcliff, Roger – Grantee Submission, 2016
Millions of adults in the United States lack the necessary literacy skills for most living wage jobs. For students from adult learning classes, we used a lexical decision task to measure their knowledge of words and we used a decision-making model (Ratcliff's, 1978, diffusion model) to abstract the mechanisms underlying their performance from…
Descriptors: Reading Skills, Psycholinguistics, Memory, Decision Making
McIntosh, Kent; Kelm, Joanna L.; Canizal Delabra, Alondra – Grantee Submission, 2016
Research has shown principal support to be a critical variable for implementing and sustaining evidence-based practices. However, there remains little understanding of the factors that may influence a principal's personal decision to support a practice. The purpose of the current study was to examine events that influenced principals' support for…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Principals, Educational Practices, Administrator Attitudes
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Howley, Craig B.; Howley, Aimee – Grantee Submission, 2016
This multi-method study examined (a) preparation and licensure practices of the 50 states with respect to students with low-incidence sensory disabilities (LISD) and (b) the experience of Ohio school districts (including "community schools") in providing services to students with LISD. The 50-state phase of the study used document review…
Descriptors: Incidence, Mixed Methods Research, Special Education, Hearing Impairments
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Deng, Wei; Sloutsky, Vladimir M. – Grantee Submission, 2016
How do people learn categories and what changes with development? The current study attempts to address these questions by focusing on the role of attention in the development of categorization. In Experiment 1, participants (adults, 7-year-olds, and 4-year-olds) were trained with novel categories consisting of deterministic and probabilistic…
Descriptors: Classification, Attention, Cognitive Development, Adults
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Pagano, Maria E.; Maietti, Candice M.; Levine, Alan D. – Grantee Submission, 2015
A small portion of Americans account for a disproportionate amount of the incidences of sexually transmitted infection observed over a short period of time. Studies with adults have begun to characterize this population, yet there is very little data on adolescent sexually transmitted infection repeaters (STIR). This study explores characteristics…
Descriptors: Risk, Disease Incidence, Substance Abuse, Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Ottley, Jennifer Riggie; Coogle, Christan Grygas; Rahn, Naomi L. – Grantee Submission, 2015
Coaching is a promising method for providing professional development, which takes many forms. One such form is real-time coaching through bug-in-ear technology. This study explored the social validity of bug-in-ear coaching when provided as a form of professional development with pre-service and in-service early childhood educators. Data from two…
Descriptors: Coaching (Performance), Inclusion, Early Childhood Education, Technology Uses in Education
Troia, Gary A.; Olinghouse, Natalie G.; Mo, Ya; Hawkins, Lisa; Kopke, Rachel A.; Chen, Angela; Wilson, Joshua; Stewart, Kelly A. – Grantee Submission, 2015
Though writing plays an important role in academic, social, and economic success, typical writing instruction generally does not reflect evidence-based practices (EBPs). One potential reason for this is limited signposting of EBPs in standards. We analyzed the content of writing standards from a representative sample of states and the Common Core…
Descriptors: Academic Standards, Writing Instruction, Evidence Based Practice, Common Core State Standards
Goldstein, Howard; Olszewski, Arnold – Grantee Submission, 2015
Purpose: This article describes the process of developing and implementing a supplemental early literacy curriculum designed for preschoolers demonstrating delays in literacy development. Method: Intervention research and implementation research have traditionally been viewed as sequential processes. This article illustrates a process of…
Descriptors: Phonological Awareness, Curriculum Development, Curriculum Implementation, Emergent Literacy
Pagano, Maria E.; Kelly, John F.; Scur, Michael D.; Ionescu, Rebecca A.; Stout, Robert N.; Post, Stephen D. – Grantee Submission, 2013
The positive outcomes derived from participation in Alcoholics Anonymous-related helping (AAH) found among adults has spurred study of AAH among minors with addiction. AAH includes acts of good citizenship in AA, formal service positions, public outreach, and transmitting personal experience to another fellow sufferer. Addiction research with…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Patients, Participation, Alcohol Abuse