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Clarke, Ben; Strand Cary, Mari G.; Shanley, Lina; Sutherland, Marah – Grantee Submission, 2020
This manuscript presents the results from a study to investigate the technical characteristics of two versions of a number line assessment (NLA 0-20 and NLA 0-100). The sample consisted of 60 kindergarten and 46 first grade students. Both number line versions had sufficient alternate form and test-retest reliability. The NLA 0-20 had low and the…
Descriptors: Mathematics Achievement, Numbers, At Risk Students, Kindergarten
De Los Reyes, Andres; Makol, Bridget A.; Racz, Sarah J.; Youngstrom, Eric A.; Lerner, Matthew D.; Keeley, Lauren M. – Grantee Submission, 2019
A key component of delivering mental health services involves evaluating psychosocial impairments linked to mental health concerns. Youth may experience these impairments in various ways (e.g., dysfunctional family and/or peer relationships, poor school performance). Importantly, youth may display symptoms of mental illness without co-occurring…
Descriptors: Mental Health, Health Services, Adjustment (to Environment), Mental Disorders
De Los Reyes, Andres; Ohannessian, Christine McCauley; Racz, Sarah J. – Grantee Submission, 2019
Family relationships play an essential role in adolescent development. When studying relationship domains (e.g., quality, conflict, communication), researchers typically rely on adolescents and their parents as informants. However, across research teams, domains, and measurement methods, researchers commonly observe discrepant estimates of family…
Descriptors: Family Relationship, Adolescents, Parent Attitudes, Adolescent Development
Kim, Young-Suk Grace; Piper, Benjamin – Grantee Submission, 2019
The linguistic interdependence hypothesis (Cummins, 1979, 2000) states that children's second-language (L2) proficiency is, to some extent, a function of their first-language (L1) competence. Previous studies have examined this hypothesis with focus on a unidirectional relation from L1 to L2. In the present study, we examined…
Descriptors: Transfer of Training, Reading Skills, Second Language Learning, Native Language
Rangel, Marcos A.; Shi, Ying – Grantee Submission, 2019
We provide empirical evidence of immigrants' specialization in skill acquisition well before entering the US labor market. Nationally representative datasets enable studying the academic trajectories of immigrant children, with a focus on high-school course-taking patterns and college major choice. Immigrant children accumulate skills in ways that…
Descriptors: Immigrants, Specialization, Skill Development, Job Skills
Mongkhonvanit, Kritphong; Kanopka, Klint; Lang, David – Grantee Submission, 2019
MOOCs and online courses have notoriously high attrition [1]. One challenge is that it can be difficult to tell if students fail to complete because of disinterest or because of course difficulty. Utilizing a Deep Knowledge Tracing framework, we account for student engagement by including course interaction covariates. With these, we find that we…
Descriptors: Online Courses, Large Group Instruction, Knowledge Level, Learner Engagement
Fuchs, Lynn S.; Fuchs, Douglas; Gilbert, Jennifer K. – Grantee Submission, 2019
The purpose of this analysis was to assess whether effects of 1st-grade mathematics intervention apply across the range of at-risk learners' initial skill levels. Students were randomly assigned to control (n=213) and 2 variants of intervention (n=385) designed to improve arithmetic. Of each 30-minute intervention session (48 over 16 weeks), 25…
Descriptors: Elementary School Mathematics, Elementary School Students, Grade 1, Mathematics Skills
Biancarosa, Gina; Kennedy, Patrick C.; Carlson, Sarah E.; Yoon, HyeonJin; Seipel, Ben; Liu, Bowen; Davison, Mark L. – Grantee Submission, 2019
Prior research suggests that subscores from a single achievement test seldom add value over a single total score. Such scores typically correspond to subcontent areas in the total content domain, but content subdomains might not provide a sound basis for subscores. Using scores on an inferential reading comprehension test from 625 third, fourth,…
Descriptors: Scores, Scoring, Achievement Tests, Grade 3
Al Otaiba, Stephanie; Baker, Kristi; Lan, Patrick; Allor, Jill; Rivas, Brenna; Yovanoff, Paul; Kamata, Akihito – Grantee Submission, 2019
In the U.S., many states have adopted Response to Intervention (RTI) or Multi-tiered Systems of Supports to provide early intervention. However, there is considerable variability in how states and schools implement RTI. Teachers are responsible for using student data from RTI to inform instructional decisions for students with or at risk for…
Descriptors: Elementary School Teachers, Knowledge Level, Program Implementation, Response to Intervention
Goldstein, Howard; McKenna, Meaghan; Barker, Robert M.; Brown, Tracye H. – Grantee Submission, 2019
Purpose: Research-practice partnerships (RPPs) offer a tool for identifying, generating, and implementing evidencebased strategies that improve practice, policies, and client outcomes. We offer a description of RPPs and elements that facilitate successful utilization. The origin of RPPs, various approaches, and anticipated barriers are discussed.…
Descriptors: Theory Practice Relationship, Partnerships in Education, Positive Behavior Supports, Early Childhood Education
Makol, Bridget A.; De Los Reyes, Andres; Ostrander, Rick S.; Reynolds, Elizabeth K. – Grantee Submission, 2019
When compared to one another, multiple informants' reports of adolescent internalizing problems often reveal low convergence. This creates challenges in the delivery of clinical services, particularly for severe outcomes linked to internalizing problems, namely suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Clinicians would benefit from methods that facilitate…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Behavior Problems, Hospitals, Patients
Crumé, Henry Joel; Nurius, Paula S.; Fleming, Christopher M. – Grantee Submission, 2019
This study applies cumulative adversity and stress proliferation theories to examine risk and protective resource profiles of youth with three different levels of housing and parental care instability. Data derive from a state representative sample (n=27,087) of school-based adolescent students. ANCOVA analyses identified significant differences…
Descriptors: At Risk Persons, Housing, Child Rearing, Gender Differences
Sebastian, James; Herman, Keith C.; Reinke, Wendy M. – Grantee Submission, 2019
Although there is a growing evidence base about effective classroom management practices, teacher implementation of these practices varies due to a number of factors. A school's organizational health is one aspect of the broader social environment that has been hypothesized to influence implementation of interventions. Yet, empirical evidence is…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Urban Schools, Intervention, Faculty Development
Allen, Laura K.; Mills, Caitlin; Perret, Cecile; McNamara, Danielle S. – Grantee Submission, 2019
This study examines the extent to which instructions to self-explain vs. "other"-explain a text lead readers to produce different forms of explanations. Natural language processing was used to examine the content and characteristics of the explanations produced as a function of instruction condition. Undergraduate students (n = 146)…
Descriptors: Language Processing, Science Instruction, Computational Linguistics, Teaching Methods
Bratsch-Hines, Mary E.; Burchinal, Margaret; Peisner-Feinberg, Ellen; Franco, Ximena – Grantee Submission, 2019
Although publicly-funded prekindergarten (pre-k) programs have been designed to promote children's school readiness, programs have tended to support early literacy skills to a greater degree than early language skills. Given the importance of both language and literacy skills for children's reading acquisition and academic achievement, the present…
Descriptors: Preschool Education, Rural Schools, Teaching Methods, Incidence
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