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Fletcher, Carla; Cornett, Allyson; Webster, Jeff; Ashton, Bryan – Trellis Company, 2023
Trellis' Student Financial Wellness Survey (SFWS) seeks to document the financial well-being of post-secondary students and provide institutions with a detailed profile of the financial issues their students face, some of which could potentially impact their success in college. This report details aggregated findings for the 89 colleges and…
Descriptors: Well Being, Paying for College, Credit (Finance), Educational Finance
Carla Fletcher – Trellis Company, 2023
In order to thrive in college, students need general good health, sufficient energy, the capacity to focus on their studies, and the chance to actively participate in classes. Stress related to financial matters and mental health issues can disrupt the essential dynamics that contribute to achieving academic success. This brief examines data from…
Descriptors: Undergraduate Students, Barriers, Costs, Financial Problems
Fletcher, Carla – Trellis Company, 2022
Many college students struggle to make ends meet while enrolled and sometimes must turn to a wide variety of safety net resources, including official government programs, borrowing from family, and selling belongings. This brief examines data from 63,751 undergraduate students who responded to Trellis' Fall 2021 Student Financial Wellness Survey…
Descriptors: Paying for College, Financial Problems, Undergraduate Students, Educational Finance
Fletcher, Carla; Webster, Jeff; Cornett, Allyson; Niznik, Aaron; Gardner, Tanya; Knaff, Cassandra – Trellis Company, 2022
The Student Financial Wellness Survey (SFWS) provides a snapshot of student financial wellbeing during the fall of 2021. Over 700,000 students were surveyed from 104 schools in 25 states and 63,751 students responded. During this period Federal stimulus funding helped stabilize finances for many students, but many still struggled to make ends…
Descriptors: Well Being, Paying for College, Credit (Finance), Educational Finance
Knaff, Cassandra; Fletcher, Carla; Cornett, Allyson – Trellis Company, 2022
Postsecondary students face a myriad of complex financial decisions and tasks, such as financing their education, choosing a major with a return on investment, budgeting, and crafting repayment strategies for credit card and student loan debt(s). With respect to student loans, many borrowers feel "burdened by the repayment process" and…
Descriptors: Undergraduate Students, Paying for College, Money Management, Student Loan Programs
Webster, Jeff; Fletcher, Carla; Cornett, Allyson; Knaff, Cassandra – Trellis Company, 2021
As the COVID-19 pandemic is proving, maintaining student financial wellness is key to keeping students enrolled. The Student Financial Wellness Survey (SFWS) was open from October 2020 to November 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated economic crisis were prominent concerns for students as they navigated a mostly remote learning…
Descriptors: Student Surveys, Wellness, Money Management, Undergraduate Students
Klepfer, Kasey; Cornett, Allyson; Fletcher, Carla; Webster, Jeff – Trellis Company, 2019
Higher education leaders are looking for high impact ways to improve retention and graduation rates in a climate of austere budgets. Increasingly, higher education sees the interplay of finances and academic performance as a key driver of student success. Across the nation, measurable improvements in student success outcomes are observed when…
Descriptors: Wellness, Money Management, Academic Achievement, Strategic Planning
Fletcher, Carla; Fernandez, Chris; Klepfer, Kasey; Wartel, Max – Trellis Company, 2018
The State of Student Aid and Higher Education in Texas (SOSA) annual report from Trellis Research provides information helpful in informing policy and programs for higher education student financial aid. The report serves as a reference for colleges, universities, and policymakers, and provides a comparison of Texas state and federal student aid…
Descriptors: Student Financial Aid, Higher Education, Enrollment, College Preparation
Trellis Company, 2018
In January 2017, Trellis launched a nine-month study aimed at better understanding the non-academic challenges that postsecondary students face and the ways they try to meet their basic needs while pursuing academic goals. Working with 11 institutions in Texas and Florida, researchers recruited a cohort of 72 current undergraduate students. Though…
Descriptors: Money Management, Undergraduate Students, Longitudinal Studies, Student Diversity