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Yang, Fujia – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2021
This book traces the historical background of liberal arts education from west to east, expounds its implication and fundamental goal of universities, and introduces its application in Western and Chinese universities, particularly its experimentation at University of Nottingham Ningbo China. It takes the University of Nottingham Ningbo China as…
Descriptors: Liberal Arts, Higher Education, Cultural Differences, Asian Culture
Polenghi, Simonetta, Ed.; Németh, András, Ed.; Kasper, Tomáš, Ed. – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2021
The public dimension of the body became paramount in the first half of the 20th century, when the image of the modern man, with his virile stereotypes, became a cliché, in strict connection with nation building first and totalitarian ideologies later. Yet, different cultural and educational trends advocated for life reform and liberation of the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Educational History, Human Body, Physical Education
Raya, Manuel Jiménez, Ed.; Lamb, Terry, Ed. – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2020
Insights into Language Education Policies is of particular interest to academic researchers, policymakers, and teaching professionals interested in language education. It aims to provide the reader with critical insights into language education policies in diverse countries around the world. The chapters examine from different perspectives (for…
Descriptors: Educational Policy, Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, Language Teachers
Caldwell, Kia Lilly, Ed.; Chávez, Emily Susanna, Ed. – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2020
"Engaging the African Diaspora in K-12 Education" provides in-service and pre-service teachers with valuable information and resources related to African diaspora communities in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. This unique anthology fills an important gap in current pedagogical and curricular publications by combining the…
Descriptors: African American Education, African American History, Black Studies, Elementary Secondary Education
Sims, Jeremiah J.; Taylor-Mendoza, Jennifer; Hotep, Lasana O.; Wallace, Jeramy; Conaway, Tabitha – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2020
It is difficult to find justice-centered books geared specifically for community college practitioners interested in achieving campus wide educational equity. It is even more difficult to find a book in this vein written, exclusively, by community college practitioners. "Minding the Obligation Gap in Community Colleges and Beyond" is…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Equal Education, Minority Group Students, Two Year College Students
Mede, Enisa, Ed.; Dikilitas, Kenan, Ed.; Atay, Derin, Ed. – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2020
Teacher education in higher education has been of great interest as a research area in recent years. The discussion focuses on topics such as tertiary pedagogies, professional development, instructional innovative practices as well as technology and instruction. Following these topics, the contributors of this collected volume deal with English as…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, English for Special Purposes
Drame, Elizabeth R.; Adams, Tara; Nolden, Veronica R.; Nardi, Judy M. – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2020
"The Resistance, Persistence and Resilience of Black Families Raising Children with Autism" presents nuanced perspectives in the form of counternarratives of what Black families who have children with autism experience at the intersection of race, class, disability and gender. It intentionally centers the expertise of Black parents,…
Descriptors: Resistance (Psychology), Resilience (Psychology), Persistence, Autism
Larrañaga, Nagore Ipiña, Ed.; Agirre, Ainara Imaz, Ed.; Pedrosa, Begoña, Ed.; Garro, Eneritz, Ed. – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2020
The aim of this book is to address teachers' perspectives, practices and challenges in multilingual education. The book that brings together perspectives and practices in multilingual contexts could be of great interest for researchers, practitioners and stakeholders because it also provides ideas for pedagogical practice and new language…
Descriptors: Teacher Attitudes, Multilingualism, Educational Innovation, Teacher Education
Noboa-Ríos, Abdín – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2020
The year 2011 marked the first time in U.S. history where more "nonwhite" babies were born than "white" babies. Academic year 2014-15 marked the first year that K-12 public school enrollment became predominantly nonwhite. Among the five largest school districts, Latinos represent the predominant group. It's all about a stemming…
Descriptors: Kindergarten, Elementary Secondary Education, Hispanic American Students, School Districts
Sarapli, Onur – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2020
In today's Turkey under the Justice and Development administration, it seems that religion becomes or is imposed as an important element of the Turkish national identity. The education system works as the channel for promoting this change. Thus, the case of Turkey is that of a nation-state that has been under construction since it emerged from a…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Ideology, Educational Policy, Religious Factors
Worley, Jerry; Roshell, Logan – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2019
Now more than ever, students need support. To meet their needs, educators should encourage their students to break from the mainstream by inspecting their experiences, and therefore expressing their own values. This endeavor will lead students to make choices that are best for themselves and others. It is important to support students in both…
Descriptors: Interpersonal Relationship, Classroom Environment, Social Development, Creative Teaching
Baines, Lawrence – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2019
"Privatization of America's Public Institutions" describes the transformation of the military, K-12 public schools, public universities and colleges, and prisons into enterprises focused on generating profits for a select few. In many cases, privatization has limited accessibility, promoted segregation, fueled declining standards,…
Descriptors: Public Schools, Elementary Secondary Education, Public Colleges, Postsecondary Education
Noboa-Rios, Abdin – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2019
The 2014-2015 academic year marked the first year that American, preK-12 public school enrollment became majority nonwhite, with Hispanic/Latino as the largest minority. Population shifts have continued to occur, with Latinos now representing 28% of public school students. American public schools are in trouble, with national achievement reaching…
Descriptors: Hispanic Americans, Hispanic American Students, Minority Group Students, Ethnicity
Lechta, Viktor, Ed.; Bizová, Nad'a, Ed. – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2019
This monograph links to the monograph "Reflection of Inclusive Education of the 21st Century in Correlative Scientific Fields" (Lechta. V. - Kudlácová, B., Frankfurt: Peter Lang 2013). It should be a summary of the most relevant components of inclusive education and proposals for further development. The co-authors are influential…
Descriptors: Inclusion, Foreign Countries, Educational Practices, Teaching Methods
Smagorinsky, Peter, Ed.; Tobin, Joseph, Ed.; Lee, Kyunghwa, Ed. – Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2019
"Dismantling the Disabling Environments of Education: Creating New Cultures and Contexts for Accommodating Difference" challenges assumptions that view people of difference to be "abnormal," that isolate attention to their difference solely in the individual, that treat areas of difference as matters of deficiency, and that…
Descriptors: Disabilities, Educational Environment, Disadvantaged, Students with Disabilities
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