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Rouleau, Kristin; Abla, Cheryl; Gibson, Tonia; Simenson-Gurolnick, Jeanette – McREL International, 2021
The challenges of virtual learning have been well documented during the last year as districts have focused on providing students with devices and internet access, debated developmental appropriateness of virtual learning, engaged teachers in professional development activities about how to design and deliver meaningful online lessons, worried…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Pandemics, COVID-19
Ho, Hsiang-Yeh; Smrekar, Mathias – McREL International, 2020
The current study examined the effect of a web-based literacy program, Raz-Plus, that serves as a resource for blended learning instruction in K-5 classrooms. Following a 13-week implementation period at three rural elementary schools, comparisons of the treatment (21 teachers and 249 students) and control (18 teachers and 198 students) groups…
Descriptors: Literacy Education, Web Based Instruction, Blended Learning, Educational Technology
Pearsall, Glen; Harris, Natasha – McREL International, 2020
Here's the book for every teacher who feels "this" close to excellence in the classroom. What if you could keep doing what you're doing...but do it just a tiny bit that student engagement and achievement skyrocketed--not to mention your own sense of accomplishment? That's what Glen Pearsall and Natasha Harris have…
Descriptors: Instructional Improvement, Teaching Methods, Classroom Techniques, Intervention
Goodwin, Bryan; Gibson, Tonia; Rouleau, Kristin – McREL International, 2020
In far too many classrooms, the emphasis is on instructional strategies that "teachers" employ rather than on what "students: should be doing or thinking about as part of their learning. What's more, students' minds are something of a mysterious "black box" for most teachers, so when learning breaks down, they're not sure…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Elementary Secondary Education, Instructional Design, Delivery Systems
Pearsall, Glen – McREL International, 2020
While districts and policymakers focus on sweeping changes to schools, teachers can get big results by making comparatively small changes to their daily practice. This companion piece to the McREL book "Tilting Your Teaching" introduces you to the seven Simple Shifts--adjustments that every teacher can make immediately to turn dodgy…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Teaching Methods, Classroom Techniques, Questioning Techniques
Rouleau, Kristin – McREL International, 2020
Online teaching and learning can be more engaging and effective for students and teachers alike if districts take into account several key considerations when formatting their digital plans and processes. Combining and building on ideas from change management, improvement science, and inside-out systems development, Dr. Kris Rouleau from McREL's…
Descriptors: Online Courses, Distance Education, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education
Holquist, Samantha E.; Cetz, Jared; O'Neil, Santiago D.; Smiley, Dana; Taylor, Laney M.; Crowder, Marisa K. – McREL International, 2020
Approximately 40 to 60 percent of America's high school students are chronically disengaged (i.e., inattentive, exert little to no effort, do not complete tasks, and claim to be bored; National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, 2004). Disengagement is so widespread that it has been labeled the "Silent Epidemic" (Bridgeland et…
Descriptors: Learning Processes, Learner Engagement, High School Students, Student Attitudes
Rouleau, Kristin; Corner, Tracie – McREL International, 2020
Multiple researchers have described walkthroughs as effective ways for instructional leaders (commonly principals, but also various other roles like assistant principals and teacher coaches) to play an active role in generating focused, qualitative data to inform schoolwide improvement efforts (Bole & Farizo, 2013; Starrett, 2015). In addition…
Descriptors: Observation, Classroom Observation Techniques, Data Collection, Capacity Building
Abla, Cheryl; Fraumeni, Brittney R. – McREL International, 2019
Researchers have been refining their thoughts on student engagement for decades, and teachers who familiarize themselves with this history have an advantage in identifying opportunities to make their own work resonate with students, according to McREL's Cheryl Abla and Brittney R. Fraumeni. The authors present McREL's definition of student…
Descriptors: Learner Engagement, Evidence Based Practice, Academic Achievement, Social Development
Goodwin, Bryan; Hall, Pete; Simeral, Alisa – McREL International, 2019
Too often, professional development (PD) sessions consist of little more than delivering lists of things teachers should know and should be doing. There is little to no follow up. There are few opportunities to think about how to adapt and apply the learning to fit your own classroom context, or to try it out and compare outcomes with fellow…
Descriptors: Individualized Instruction, Faculty Development, Teacher Empowerment, Educational Practices
Hubbell, Elizabeth Ross; Goodwin, Bryan – McREL International, 2019
An instructional model can unite school leaders, teachers, and students with shared goals, a shared understanding of how to reach the goals, and a shared vocabulary for discussing progress. In this paper, the authors present an introduction to instructional models and a leadership primer focused on helping school teams cohere around an initiative…
Descriptors: Teaching Models, Educational Change, Resistance to Change, Program Implementation
Goodwin, Bryan; Silver, Harvey F.; Kreisman, Susan; Perini, Matthew J. – McREL International, 2019
Cognitive science and teacher observations make it pretty clear: A strong sense of curiosity is the key for student engagement and developing a lifelong passion for learning. But how can teachers help students nurture their curiosity so that they ultimately take charge of their own learning? "Tools for Igniting Curiosity" answers that…
Descriptors: Personality Traits, Inquiry, Teaching Methods, Learning Activities
McREL International, 2019
The purpose of this study was to conduct a rigorous, external evaluation of the impact of the "Education Galaxy" Online Assessment, Practice, and Instruction programs on mathematics and reading achievement. Specifically, the study used a quasi-experimental (matched comparison) design that conforms with the requirements of the Every…
Descriptors: Program Effectiveness, Mathematics Achievement, Reading Achievement, Electronic Learning
Hubbell, Elizabeth Ross; Goodwin, Bryan – McREL International, 2019
More than likely, your school is doing the right things. So why won't student achievement budge? Maybe the key is doing the right things "right." You may be lacking a straightforward yet powerful tool that can work wonders in aligning expectations and talents: an instructional model. In this eye-opening new book, visionary education…
Descriptors: Models, Educational Methods, Instructional Design, Planning
Hall, Pete; Simeral, Alisa; Goodwin, Bryan; Stone, Bj; Scott, Bess – McREL International, 2019
Authors Pete Hall, Alisa Simeral, Bryan Goodwin, Bj Stone, and Bess Scott identify 24 of the most common "problems of practice" faced by educators--something that is not going quite as well as it could in the teaching-learning process--and show educators how to guide their own self-reflective journey toward solving these problems,…
Descriptors: Teacher Empowerment, Educational Environment, Mastery Learning, Learning Activities
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