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Scherff, Lisa; Rush, Leslie S. – McREL International, 2019
Conducting research and reporting the results are at the heart of academic work, yet many teachers hesitate to incorporate student research projects into their curriculum because they're unsure of how or where to begin. In "Student Research Done Right!" Lisa Scherff and Leslie S. Rush make the case that all high school and college…
Descriptors: Student Research, High School Students, College Students, Research Methodology
Goodwin, Bryan; Hall, Pete; Simeral, Alisa – McREL International, 2019
Too often, professional development (PD) sessions consist of little more than delivering lists of things teachers should know and should be doing. There is little to no follow up. There are few opportunities to think about how to adapt and apply the learning to fit your own classroom context, or to try it out and compare outcomes with fellow…
Descriptors: Individualized Instruction, Faculty Development, Teacher Empowerment, Educational Practices
Rouleau, Kristin – McREL International, 2018
Based on McREL International's research and experience, this white paper suggests that student curiosity is a powerful driver of student success and engagement. The most powerful changes that can be made within schools must come from the inside out, from the natural curiosity and intrinsic motivation that everyone shares to experience the joy of…
Descriptors: Personality Traits, Student Motivation, Leadership Role, Educational Environment
Ho, Hsiang-Yeh; Good, Kimberly; Donahue, Tara – McREL International, 2018
Evaluation capacity building (ECB) is a critical aspect of continuous program improvement. At community and technical colleges (CTCs), this is particularly important given the many ways in which CTCs must use data to meet reporting requirements. ECB helps CTC staff to use and interpret data that goes beyond reporting to create a system that…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Technical Institutes, Capacity Building, Program Evaluation
Goodwin, Bryan; Slotnik, William J. – McREL International, 2018
Research dispels the myth that teachers peak as professionals early in their careers, hitting a performance plateau after only a few years on the job. While most teachers keep honing and polishing their craft the longer they stay in the classroom, a fair number do not. Over the years, research on how experts in a variety of fields have continued…
Descriptors: Misconceptions, Teacher Competencies, Teacher Attitudes, Creativity
Goodwin, Bryan – McREL International, 2018
This paper proposes a synthesis of the science of learning into a "model" teachers can follow and apply right away in their classrooms. Recent studies in neuroscience show that that our brains appear to actively and purposefully forget most of what we learn--continually clearing out old and unneeded memories to allow us to focus on more…
Descriptors: Brain, Memory, Learning Processes, Neurosciences
Silver, Harvey F.; Abla, Cheryl; Boutz, Abigail L.; Perini, Matthew J. – McREL International, 2018
This book provides more than 50 classroom-ready tools that make it easy to implement the nine categories of effective teaching strategies from McREL's bestselling book, "Classroom Instruction That Works" (2012) across grade levels and content areas. By incorporating these tools into your daily practice, you can turn your classroom into a…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Classroom Techniques, Instructional Effectiveness, Educational Strategies
Goodwin, Bryan; Rouleau, Kristin; Lewis, Dale – McREL International, 2018
Take charge of your school's learning environment and culture and push past performance plateaus by rekindling the power of curiosity across your school. "Curiosity Works" guides school leadership teams through a six-phase journey toward powerful, continuous improvement and innovation, with 17 tools you can use to reflect on where you…
Descriptors: Educational Strategies, Educational Improvement, Educational Innovation, Instructional Leadership
Goodwin, Bryan – McREL International, 2018
Join Bryan Goodwin, a former business writer and high school teacher who now heads one of America's leading education research and consulting firms, as he explores this uniquely human yet easily overlooked characteristic. Curiosity is the key to everything we treasure, and the best thing of all is that "we're all born with it"--it just…
Descriptors: Personality Traits, Decision Making, Instructional Innovation, Interpersonal Communication
McREL International, 2018
Assessment can accomplish so much more than assigning a grade! It can deepen the bonds of trust and shared commitment between teacher and student--and among students--helping the class see that when it comes to mastering content, they're all in it together. With this 8-page durable guide that is part of our Curiosity Works┬« series, teachers can…
Descriptors: Personality Traits, Student Evaluation, Motivation Techniques, Learning Motivation
Jarvis, Robin; Dempsey, Kathleen; Gutierrez, Grace; Lewis, Dale; Rouleau, Kris; Stone, Bj – McREL International, 2017
Much has been written over the past two decades about the value of coaching to teachers' professional growth. Many authors recommend specific coaching models while others primarily make recommendations for building strong, trusting coaching relationships. However, many of these models assume a deficit-based approach to teacher development that…
Descriptors: Peer Teaching, Coaching (Performance), Faculty Development, Teacher Collaboration
Goodwin, Bryan; Twani, Erika – McREL International, 2017
In less than two decades, online learning has expanded from virtually non-existent to nearly three million students in the U.S. taking classes, in whole or in part, online. While some may applaud this shift as evidence that the digital age has finally brought disruptive innovation to staid public education systems, there is just one problem:…
Descriptors: Electronic Learning, Online Courses, Outcomes of Education, Educational Environment
Harnack, Jay; Seebaum, Matt – McREL International, 2017
Managing a public school district today has, most certainly, become a labyrinth of elaborate endeavors. Leaders at all levels find themselves pulling on a Gordian knot of processes that were intended to improve schools but have instead become asynchronous, disconnected, and redundant. A school district in Pinedale, Wyoming, has found that taking a…
Descriptors: School Administration, Strategic Planning, Educational Planning, School Districts
Goodwin, Bryan; Cameron, Greg; Hein, Heather – McREL International, 2016
The leadership practices that matter most are the ones that research shows positively affect student achievement. This book outlines the findings of McREL's research and analysis on effective school leadership, which revealed 21 critical actions school leaders can take to make a real difference for their students and staff. Explore specific…
Descriptors: Leadership Training, Evidence Based Practice, Guidance, Leadership Effectiveness
Goodwin, Bryan – McREL International, 2015
Roughly 30 years ago, American educators stood at a crossroads, with a decision to make about the future of education. With their ears ringing of warnings that they were facing a "rising tide of mediocrity" and recognizing unacceptable gaps in achievement between disadvantaged students and others, educators set off down a path of reform…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Change Strategies, Educational Quality, Learner Engagement
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