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Cardone, Ida; Gilkerson, Linda; Wechsler, Nick – ZERO TO THREE, 2008
"Teenagers and Their Babies" is a self-study and preparation guide for paraprofessional home-based visitors to engage expectant and new parents in an exploration of their baby's development and their expectations for parenthood. The guide includes service interventions--strategies, techniques, and activities--for home visitors and doulas to use…
Descriptors: Community Health Services, Home Visits, Pregnancy, Adolescents
Powell, Douglas R. – ZERO TO THREE, 2008
One of the important influences on a child's development is the quality of his or her early care and education experiences. It is estimated that more than 1 million children in the U.S. are cared for while their parents are at work by nonlicensed caregivers who are family, friends, or neighbors - and these caregivers can be difficult to reach…
Descriptors: Child Care, Infant Care, Child Caregivers, Caregiver Training
Papousek, Mechthild, Ed.; Schieche, Michael, Ed.; Wurmser, Harald, Ed. – ZERO TO THREE, 2007
For every five healthy babies and infants, there is at least one who brings unusual stresses for its parents with behaviors such as inconsolable crying, sleep disorders, refusal to eat, chronic moodiness, incessant demands for attention, fearful clinging, or tantrums. Available for the first time in English, this influential German collection…
Descriptors: Early Intervention, Pediatrics, Infants, Psychopathology
Lerner, Claire; Parlakian, Rebecca – ZERO TO THREE, 2007
This DVD (duration: 1 hour 53 seconds) features 30 video vignettes that show parents and children--aged birth to 3 years--interacting during everyday play and routines. These vignettes, some in English and some in Spanish, are designed to be tools for professionals to use both in direct work with families and for training other early child…
Descriptors: School Readiness, Infants, Toddlers, Visual Aids
Winton, Pamela J., Ed; McCollum, Jeanette A., Ed.; Catlett, Camille, Ed. – ZERO TO THREE, 2007
The key to improving the early education of all young children, including those with special needs, is the effective preparation and development of the professionals who work with them. "Practical Approaches to Early Childhood Professional Development" is a comprehensive planning resource for college faculty and consultants engaged in preservice …
Descriptors: Early Intervention, Early Childhood Education, Young Children, Adult Learning
Johnston, Kadija; Brinamen, Charles – ZERO TO THREE, 2006
As babies, toddlers, and preschoolers spend more and more time in child care programs, those programs have an increasingly significant effect on their healthy social and emotional development. The impact and quality of caregivers' relationships with children contribute to the quality of young children's mental health. A mental health consultant…
Descriptors: Consultants, Mental Health Workers, Mental Health, Young Children
Rice, Kathleen Fitzgerald; Groves, Betsy McAlister – ZERO TO THREE, 2005
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that close to 1 million children a year are identified as victims of maltreatment. The National Clearinghouse of Child Abuse and Neglect estimates that between 3 and 10 million children a year witness the abuse of a parent or caregiver. In recent years, therapists, educators, and…
Descriptors: Intervention, Child Abuse, Caregivers, Young Children
Pawl, Jeree, Ed. – Zero to Three, 1992
This newsletter presents five articles focusing on the social development of infants and very young children. The first article, "Sympathetic Behavior in Very Young Children," by Lois Barclay Murphy, gives examples of early sympathetic behavior, traces the development of sympathy, identifies individual patterns of sympathetic response,…
Descriptors: Child Caregivers, Conflict Resolution, Disabilities, Emotional Development
Pawl, Jeree, Ed. – Zero to Three, 1991
This theme issue focuses on literacy education and prereading activities for very young children who may be at risk for reading failure. It contains several papers, with the following titles and authors: "The Beginnings of Literacy" (Joan Brooks McLane and Gillian Dowley McNamee); "A Book Is a Child's Companion" (Jeree H. Pawl); "What's It Mean To…
Descriptors: At Risk Persons, Day Care, Economically Disadvantaged, Emergent Literacy
Fenichel, Emily, Ed. – Zero to Three, 1992
This newsletter issue presents five articles addressing intervention with infants and toddlers having pervasive developmental disabilities. The first article is by Stanley I. Greenspan and is titled "Reconsidering the Diagnosis and Treatment of Very Young Children with Autistic Spectrum or Pervasive Developmental Disorder." This article…
Descriptors: Behavior Patterns, Case Studies, Child Development, Clinical Diagnosis
Osofsky, Joy D., Ed.; Fenichel, Emily, Ed. – Zero to Three, 1994
This journal issue is a contribution to the development of caretaking strategies to help young victims of violence, and is intended to provide support for those who are helping the victims. Four main articles are: (1) "Parenting in Violent Environments" (Joy Osofsky and Beverly Roberson Jackson); (2) "Infants, Toddlers, and…
Descriptors: Caregiver Role, Child Rearing, Child Welfare, Community Programs
Pawl, Jeree, Ed. – Zero to Three, 1990
Contributions to this theme issue of a bulletin on infants aged birth to three, point out that becoming a parent is an evolving process and that infants' meanings to their parents shape parenting behavior and the capacity to change. Articles also examine the challenge of how to support parents as they come to, and continue in, the process of…
Descriptors: Adolescents, At Risk Persons, Child Abuse, Child Rearing
Zero to Three, 1987
Five bulletins of the National Center for Clinical Infant Programs include articles with the following titles and authors: "Infant Day Care: A Cause for Concern?" (Jay Belsky); "Model versus Modal Child Care for Children from Low-Income Families (Donna Wittmer); "Therapeutic Childcare at Merrywood School" (Maxine Siegel); "Individual Differences…
Descriptors: Autism, Child Abuse, Child Development, Child Neglect
Zero to Three, 1987
Five bulletins of the National Center for Clinical Infant Programs include articles with the following titles and authors: "Lay Home Visiting Programs: Strengths, Tensions, and Challenges" (Mary Larner and Robert Halpern); "The Post-Partum Support Project: Serving Young Mothers and Older Women through Home Visiting" (Elizabeth Anisfeld and…
Descriptors: Attachment Behavior, Community Programs, Day Care, Delinquency Prevention