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Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2011
Governing public schools is one of the most important responsibilities a citizen can undertake. School board members work on behalf of all the families in their community, with fellow board members and with other community partners, to ensure that each student has equal and ample opportunities to reach his or her greatest potential. This guide…
Descriptors: Boards of Education, Governance, Public Education, Local Issues
Boring, Michael R. – Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2011
The selection of a superintendent is among the most significant decisions any school district board of directors will make. The superintendent should be the person and office through which the direction set by the board is carried out. The working relationship that develops between the board and superintendent is thus absolutely critical and the…
Descriptors: Boards of Education, Superintendents, Worksheets, Personnel Selection
Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2011
School boards have always recognized the improvement of student achievement as central to their role in governing public schools. The Washington State Education Reform Act and the Federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) have, however, significantly affected the way schools go about educating students and the way boards hold schools accountable for…
Descriptors: Federal Legislation, State Standards, Academic Achievement, Academic Standards
Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2011
An elected school director works every day as an advocate for public education in his community. At each board meeting, crucial decisions that affect the lives and education of children are made as he determines the needs of the students and families he is accountable to. But are those needs being communicated to his elected representatives in…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Boards of Education, Public Education, Advocacy
Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2010
This guide is intended to give individual school board directors an introduction to some of the legal issues they may encounter in their board service. This material is not intended to answer every question, even in the subject matter areas they cover. This guide is merely intended to alert directors to the legal issues that they will encounter…
Descriptors: Legal Problems, School Law, Boards of Education, Administrator Guides
Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2010
Serving on a local school board has often been called "the toughest volunteer job in America." While it can be challenging at times, most school directors will tell you there are great rewards in helping students and giving back to your community. The contributions of each school director are critical to the board's overall…
Descriptors: Boards of Education, Volunteers, Governing Boards, Governance
Boeck, Debora – Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2009
The Washington School Board Standards are intended for use by local school boards and individual directors as a common framework for school board governance. Two sets of standards were developed to encourage school boards and individual school directors to subscribe to the highest levels of professional and personal conduct and performance. The…
Descriptors: Boards of Education, Governance, Educational Indicators, Benchmarking
Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2009
Representative democracy relies on the informed trust of the citizens. School board members serve their communities at a crucial place, governing large sums of money and the future of the community's children. Without the informed trust of the citizens, this enterprise will fail. Trust may be lost directly, or through inattention to detail. One of…
Descriptors: Trust (Psychology), Boards of Education, Superintendents, Board Candidates
Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2009
Serving as an effective school board member today requires time, a sincere interest in public education and a commitment to improving student learning for all. This guide, written for new and prospective school board members, addresses such topics as the governance role of school boards, the board-superintendent relationship, leadership…
Descriptors: Public Education, Boards of Education, Superintendents, Interpersonal Relationship
Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2008
This guide is designed to inform school directors about the value of a data dashboard and to provide information on how districts can create a data dashboard for school directors. A data dashboard is a tool for viewing and analyzing student achievement and performance data. Key data for monitoring student achievement and directing policy level…
Descriptors: Educational Improvement, Academic Achievement, Charts, School Effectiveness
Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2007
Nearly every legislative session in the last decade has changed state law in a way that requires school board members and superintendents to be more highly sensitized to conflict of interest issues, regardless of the size of their district. Prior state law simply forbade most opportunities for financial conflicts of interest, especially those…
Descriptors: State Legislation, Conflict of Interest, Boards of Education, Superintendents
Boyle, Martin – Washington State School Directors' Association, 2003
Of Washington State's 296 school districts, two-thirds have 2,000 or fewer students. These small school districts provide unique learning opportunities for Washington's children, but also present special challenges to achieving the higher standards called for in the state education reform bill and recent federal legislation. This report provides…
Descriptors: Small Schools, Public Schools, School Districts, Barriers
Randolph, Mary – Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2004
This guide to parliamentary procedures is presented by the Washington State School Directors' Association (WSSDA) for use by local school boards within the State of Washington. Parliamentary law and parliamentary procedure is the key to order and to provide justice and fairness to all. Through both formal and informal parliamentary procedures,…
Descriptors: Parliamentary Procedures, Boards of Education, Meetings, Voting
Boeck, Debora – Washington State School Directors' Association (NJ1), 2002
This guide presents some of the best thinking about the difficult and puzzling work of improving student achievement. Taken as whole, it gives a complete picture of what it will take to close the achievement gap. It contains background, findings, and key policy recommendations from a 22-month study conducted by the Washington State School…
Descriptors: Achievement Gap, Academic Achievement, Administrator Guides, Administrative Principles