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Wirsing, Janice – Voices from the Middle, 2009
A classroom teacher reflects on the benefits of professional development leading to improved and energized student writing. Although traditional professional development sparked interest and encouraged modifications, the support of a teacher inquiry group as ongoing professional development provided the impact needed to effect significant change…
Descriptors: Faculty Development, Inquiry, Teacher Improvement, Writing Skills
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Wilhelm, Jeff – Voices from the Middle, 2000
Explains why being able to use the latest electronic technologies has everything to do with being literate. Argues that hypermedia design has particular strengths that help to support student literacy development. Shows how hypermedia design is easily adaptable into current school structures and constraints. Describes how students in a design…
Descriptors: Curriculum, Educational Technology, Futures (of Society), Hypermedia
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Lee, Gretchen – Voices from the Middle, 2000
Suggests the authentic audience found on the Internet has a profound effect on the quality of student writing in all grades, and that the key to successful technology projects is integrating them into the curriculum so that computers are a means, not an end. Offers ideas for classroom activities and projects using stand-alone computers, and using…
Descriptors: Audience Awareness, Class Activities, Computer Uses in Education, Educational Technology
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Santerre, Mary – Voices from the Middle, 2000
Looks at how technology has changed an eighth-grade teacher's world of teaching and learning in a variety of ways, including: professional growth; connecting the writing process with word processing; presentation of information (such as short story elements or parts of speech); research on and access to the Internet; electronic literary magazines…
Descriptors: Discussion (Teaching Technique), Educational Change, Educational Technology, Educational Trends
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Patterson, Nancy G. – Voices from the Middle, 2000
Describes the author's own rough start learning about hypertext, and how she began to introduce her middle school students to hypertext. Observes processes students used working on the hypertext "Slave Narrative Project," a joint project between social studies and English departments in the author's middle school and an American teacher in Ghana.…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Fiction, Hypermedia, Interdisciplinary Approach
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Rowlands, Kathleen Dudden – Voices from the Middle, 2000
Discusses 7 questions developed by the author to evaluate web sites. Offers a list of 42 web sites in several categories useful to middle school teachers both for classroom use and professional development: super-linkers (indexes of useful sites); reference materials; writing instruction; literacy, reading, and literature; and educational…
Descriptors: Books, Evaluation Criteria, Faculty Development, Intermediate Grades
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Niday, Donna; Campbell, Mark – Voices from the Middle, 2000
Describes a project that connected eighth-grade readers and preservice English teachers via e-mail to see how they would create their own world of talking and thinking about literature. Offers 2 case studies that examine how these dialogues helped preservice teachers develop questioning, modeling, and assessing strategies. Concludes that e-mail…
Descriptors: Adolescent Literature, Classroom Research, Cross Age Teaching, Electronic Mail
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Parker-Webster, Joan; Van Horn, Leigh – Voices from the Middle, 2000
Describes how two different middle school teachers transformed the study of vocabulary in their classrooms by engaging students' interest in words, moving the study of vocabulary into students' worlds through theatre and through word tickets and a student-created museum. (SR)
Descriptors: Class Activities, Junior High Schools, Language Attitudes, Middle Schools
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Bone, Becky – Voices from the Middle, 2000
Describes how one middle school teacher was inspired by Janet Allen's book, "Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12," to significantly change the way she thought about and taught vocabulary. Describes several strategies and activities that engaged students in activating background knowledge; making meaningful connections; learning…
Descriptors: Class Activities, English Instruction, Junior High Schools, Language Arts
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Bloland, Dagny D. – Voices from the Middle, 1998
Describes how one eighth-grade teacher creates a safe, playful, literate environment for a four-week poetry unit which immerses students in the thoughtful, energetic, productive experience of poetry. Describes introducing poetry, setting up the unit, class activities, a wide range of requirements and assignments, and students' enthusiastic…
Descriptors: Class Activities, Creative Writing, English Instruction, Grade 8
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Marshall, Suzanne; Newman, Dan – Voices from the Middle, 1997
Describes a series of activities to help middle school students develop an artist's vision and then convey that vision through poetry. Describes how lessons progress from looking at concrete objects to observations of settings and characters, gradually adding memory and imagination to direct observation, and finishing with revision. Notes that…
Descriptors: Intermediate Grades, Junior High Schools, Middle Schools, Poetry
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Davis, Andrea – Voices from the Middle, 1997
Describes how one eighth-grade teacher, disturbed by students' ignorance of the variety of poetry available to them, developed a poetry anthology assignment, in which students immersed themselves in poetry for three weeks, each one choosing and creating a poetry anthology comprised of 20 poems. Notes students' enthusiasm for the project and pride…
Descriptors: Anthologies, Class Activities, Grade 8, Junior High Schools
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
King, Wendy – Voices from the Middle, 1997
Describes a six-week poetry writing workshop for an eighth-grade class. Discusses getting started, two weeks of immersion in reading poetry, students writing their own poetry, creating a community of poets in the classroom, evaluation, students' poetry, and what the teacher learned. Notes that students gained a much richer understanding of poetry.…
Descriptors: Class Activities, Grade 8, Junior High Schools, Middle Schools
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ridolfi, Kerry – Voices from the Middle, 1997
Argues that children are as deep as the ocean, with secret places inside of them waiting to be opened. Notes that it is powerful for students to learn they can make sense of the world through words, and describes inviting them into poetry as they read poetry, create poetry packets, and write and revise poems. (SR)
Descriptors: Class Activities, Intermediate Grades, Junior High Schools, Literature Appreciation
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Jester, Judith – Voices from the Middle, 1997
Describes organizing a poetry "slam" (a contest in which people read their original poems and listeners cast votes for their favorites) involving 200 eighth graders from two different schools. Discusses how this experience made vivid for students the need to write for an audience and to revise. (SR)
Descriptors: Audience Awareness, Grade 8, Junior High Schools, Literature Appreciation
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