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Greenberg, Erica; Rosenboom, Victoria; Adams, Gina – Urban Institute, 2019
Children of immigrants will make up a critical share of our nation's future workforce, but they are less likely than other children to participate in early education programs known to support school readiness and long-term productivity. This study describes the characteristics and enrollment of children of immigrants using the most current and…
Descriptors: Immigrants, Enrollment, Early Childhood Education, Access to Education
Kuehn, Daniel; Hecker, Ian; Simon, Alphonse – Urban Institute, 2019
Workers with training in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are in high demand in the United States and are essential to innovation and economic growth. Apprenticeship is a proven strategy for training workers, but it is underutilized in STEM occupations. This report explores employers' experiences with STEM apprenticeship.…
Descriptors: Apprenticeships, STEM Education, Occupations, Job Skills
Cordes, Sarah A.; Schwartz, Amy Ellen – Urban Institute, 2019
Using uniquely detailed individual-level data on transportation provided to all New York City public school students, we examine the relationship between transportation use and school quality for elementary school students (K-5). We find that students who attend choice schools are more likely to use transportation (either school bus or free public…
Descriptors: Transportation, Urban Schools, Public Schools, Correlation
Hecker, Ian; Loprest, Pamela – Urban Institute, 2019
The digitization of work has changed the nature of the skills that jobs require. The increasingly technological nature of jobs means that digital skills are necessary for workers to thrive in the modern workplace and will become even more important. Even occupations that have not traditionally required technology are increasingly demanding it.…
Descriptors: Basic Skills, Career Development, Computer Literacy, Adults
Blagg, Kristin; Rainer, Macy; Waxman, Elaine – Urban Institute, 2019
The administration has proposed significant changes to broad-based categorical eligibility (BBCE) in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which allows states to reduce some of the administrative burden associated with enrolling someone in SNAP. These changes will also affect the National School Lunch Program, which interacts with…
Descriptors: Eligibility, Welfare Services, Welfare Recipients, Lunch Programs
Greenberg, Erica; Blagg, Kristin; Rainer, Macy – Urban Institute, 2019
Since 2010, the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) has expanded access to free school meals while jeopardizing a key measure of student poverty used across the field of education: free and reduced-price lunch (FRPL) status. States and school districts are pioneering alternative measures of student poverty, which vary in their composition and…
Descriptors: Poverty, Measurement Techniques, Accuracy, Accountability
Sick, Nathan; Vilter, Carolyn; Spaulding, Shayne – Urban Institute, 2019
In 2013, as many as 4.6 million Americans were young parents, defined as ages 18 to 24 (Sick, Spaulding, and Park 2018). And approximately 43 percent of children in the United States are born to parents who had their first child when they were young (Sandstrom et al. 2019). Many of these young parents work and participate in school or training to…
Descriptors: Child Rearing, Parents, Student Responsibility, Young Adults
Johnson, Anna D.; Partika, Anne; Schochet, Owen; Castle, Sherri – Urban Institute, 2019
Early care and education (ECE) teachers are paid strikingly low wages yet are increasingly expected to advance children's learning by offering high-quality classroom environments. Teachers' capacities to provide high-quality instruction should be affected by the stressors they encounter and the supports they receive. This study describes ECE…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Teachers, Teacher Characteristics, Educational Quality, Well Being
Sandstrom, Heather; Sullivan, Laura; Lou, Cary; Spaulding, Shayne; Adams, Gina – Urban Institute, 2019
Parents who have children at a young age often face an interruption in their schooling, their plans for career training, and overall life trajectory. But a growing number of young parents are seeking education and training to achieve better opportunities for their families, and many work while attending school. In this report, we use the 2012…
Descriptors: Early Parenthood, Family Work Relationship, Young Children, Child Care
Monarrez, Tomas; Kisida, Brian; Chingos, Matthew – Urban Institute, 2019
Many students are enrolled in segregated school systems with unequal access to resources. In this report, we present a measure that can help policymakers identify the schools in their system that are contributing the most to segregation. How our measure differs from traditional metrics: Much research on segregation relies on an absolute measure of…
Descriptors: School Segregation, Access to Education, Minority Group Students, African American Students
Monarrez, Tomas; Kisida, Brian; Chingos, Matthew – Urban Institute, 2019
In this study, the authors provide the first nationally comprehensive examination of charter school effects on school segregation using longitudinal data on public school enrollment by grade level and race or ethnicity. The authors identify the causal charter school effects on segregation exploiting between-grade-level variation in the dynamics of…
Descriptors: Charter Schools, School Segregation, Outcomes of Education, Enrollment
Spaulding, Shayne; Sandstrom, Heather; Sick, Nathan – Urban Institute, 2019
Approximately 43 percent of US children are born to parents who had their first child when they were younger than 25. These young parents often face greater economic challenges, because half of them live in low-income households. To advance their career prospects and improve their family's economic security, many young parents work while also…
Descriptors: Early Parenthood, Adolescents, Young Adults, Access to Education
Kolasi, Erald; Johnson, Richard W. – Urban Institute, 2019
To improve the finances of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, which serves almost 1.5 million workers and retirees, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation in spring 2019 that gradually raises plan contributions by the state, school districts, and employees. Additional contribution hikes may be necessary to close the plan's funding gap,…
Descriptors: Retirement Benefits, Teacher Retirement, Costs, Educational Finance
Chingos, Matthew M.; Kuehn, Daniel; Monarrez, Tomas; Wolf, Patrick J.; Witte, John F.; Kisida, Brian – Urban Institute, 2019
Private school choice programs are rapidly gaining traction, with nearly 450,000 student participants in 2019--an increase of 300,000 students in just 15 years. This report evaluates how well some of these programs prepare students for college by examining college enrollment and completion data from the Florida Tax Credit scholarship program, the…
Descriptors: Private Schools, School Choice, Enrollment, College Preparation
Dimeny, Ervin, Comp.; Williamson, Deborah, Comp.; Yates, Lisa, Comp.; Hinson, David, Comp. – Urban Institute, 2019
The apprenticeship movement is reshaping skills, policies, and programs in the United States at a critical moment in our country's history. This reader offers a chorus of voices emanating from different countries and populations, echoing commitment to bright, sustainable workforce futures through a well-crafted approach to this talent development…
Descriptors: Apprenticeships, Foreign Countries, Vocational Education, Outcomes of Education
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