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Tucker, Laura Packard; Hanson, Devlin; Pergamit, Michael; Norwitt, Jonah; Gedo, Shannon – Urban Institute, 2023
Young people with foster care history need financial support to attain their educational goals. Are these young people getting the financial support they need for college? How do their financial aid packages compare with those of their peers? To answer these questions, the authors used data from the National Center for Education Statistics,…
Descriptors: Foster Care, Postsecondary Education, Access to Education, Costs
Tucker, Laura Packard; Hanson, Devlin; Pergamit, Michael; Norwitt, Jonah; Gedo, Shannon – Urban Institute, 2023
Young people with foster care history need financial support to attain their educational goals. Are these young people getting the financial support they need for college? How do their financial aid packages compare with those of their peers? Does the Education and Training Voucher program meet their needs? If not, how can it be improved? To…
Descriptors: Foster Care, Student Financial Aid, Paying for College, Costs
Tatian, Peter A.; McManus, Sophie; Kumari, Shubhangi; Samuels, Gabe – Urban Institute, 2023
This brief covers the Advancing Early Education Collaborative (AEEC)'s efforts to address the lack of equitable opportunities for early childhood educators and the quality of early child care and childhood education in DC. The AEEC has the goals of enhancing early education career pathways for Black and Latina women in Wards 7 and 8 and improving…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Partnerships in Education, Educational Improvement, Equal Education
Dee, Thomas S. – Urban Institute, 2023
Over the first two school years under the COVID-19 pandemic, K-12 enrollment in public schools decreased dramatically--with losses concentrated among the youngest students--and the pandemic has had historically unprecedented effects on available learning opportunities. Little is known about where these students went and what learning environments…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Public Schools, Declining Enrollment, COVID-19
Gutierrez, Emily; Terrones, Fanny – Urban Institute, 2023
Across the United States, students attending rural school districts can face different obstacles than their urban counterparts, particularly rural students from households living below the federal poverty level. But how rural districts are defined can vary by federal, state, and local entity and can sometimes not capture the difficulties specific…
Descriptors: Rural Areas, Rural Schools, School Districts, Definitions
Bose, Soumita; Lauderback, Eleanor; Sandstrom, Heather; Kuhns, Catherine; Casas, Michelle – Urban Institute, 2023
In 2021, the DC Council established the Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity Fund ("Pay Equity Fund") to improve compensation for early educators in licensed child development centers and homes. The fund leverages a tax on individuals earning more than $250,000 a year to sustainably fund supplemental payments to early educators in efforts…
Descriptors: Parent Attitudes, Teacher Salaries, Child Care Centers, Early Childhood Teachers
Chingos, Matthew; Delisle, Jason; Cohn, Jason – Urban Institute, 2023
The new student loan repayment plan formally proposed by the Biden administration would let borrowers make lower payments and have remaining loans forgiven sooner than under current plans. Under the proposed income-driven repayment (IDR) plan, most undergraduate borrowers with typical debt levels--and nearly 90 percent of those with certificates…
Descriptors: College Students, Loan Repayment, Student Loan Programs, Undergraduate Students
Rucinski, Melanie – Urban Institute, 2023
In Massachusetts, as is true nationally, teachers are less racially diverse than students. As of the 2021-22 school year, 87 percent of teachers in the state were White, compared with only 54 percent of students. In response to this disparity, Massachusetts lawmakers have proposed legislation targeting the shortage of teachers of color. In this…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Public Schools, Students, Teachers
Estrera, Elc – Urban Institute, 2023
School shootings have been a constant looming threat for students across the US, with the number of shootings on campuses dramatically increasing in recent years. In response, schools have instituted preparedness and response measures, including school-shooter drills. This essay examines the relationship between active-shooter drills and two…
Descriptors: Weapons, School Safety, Safety Education, Attendance
Kim, Sie Won – Urban Institute, 2023
For many high school students, the cost of attending college poses a major barrier to continuing their education. Federal student aid provided through Pell grants, work study, and loans can offer students with low incomes an avenue toward receiving a postsecondary education. But for students to be eligible for federal student aid, they need to…
Descriptors: Student Financial Aid, Federal Aid, Graduation Requirements, Financial Needs
Singer, Jeremy – Urban Institute, 2023
Michigan policymakers and advocates are calling on the state to adopt a new school funding formula that provides additional funding to students with greater educational need, such as students with greater economic need. For Michigan students who have been identified as economically disadvantaged, at least a 35 percent weight is necessary for…
Descriptors: Low Income Students, Educational Finance, Educational Policy, Funding Formulas
Coffey, Amelia; Hanson, Devlin; Pergamit, Michael; Ali, Zackaria – Urban Institute, 2023
Postsecondary education is associated with achieving economic self-sufficiency and other positive outcomes. Young people in foster care face challenges pursuing postsecondary education, which can lead to them being less likely than their peers to enroll in college and less likely to earn a degree when enrolled. One federal initiative meant to…
Descriptors: Postsecondary Education, Foster Care, Barriers, Paying for College
Chingos, Matthew; Cohn, Jason – Urban Institute, 2023
The US Supreme Court will hear arguments next month about whether President Biden has the authority to forgive up to $20,000 in student debt for millions of borrowers. Part of the Biden administration's legal argument rests on the claim that borrowers as a group were made worse off financially by the pandemic. Urban Institute's analysis indicates…
Descriptors: Loan Repayment, Student Financial Aid, COVID-19, Pandemics
Greenberg, Erica; Nelson, Victoria; Doromal, Justin B.; Sandstrom, Heather; Bose, Soumita; Lauderback, Eleanor – Urban Institute, 2023
The District of Columbia Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity Fund provides large and sustainable wage supplements for early childhood educators working in child care. Synthesizing qualitative evidence from 11 key informants, including DC early childhood education leaders, advocates, and implementation partners; 39 parents and legal guardians of…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Teachers, Salary Wage Differentials, Promotion (Occupational), Teacher Salaries
Swain, Walker; Wang, Shuyang; Kouaho, Joseph-Emery – Urban Institute, 2023
Absent a nationwide plan for universal public prekindergarten, states and districts have taken various approaches to increasing access to school-based educational opportunities for their youngest learners. Though some of these programs have focused on making public prekindergarten available to all families, others have targeted families most in…
Descriptors: Preschool Education, Public Education, Equal Education, State Programs
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