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Furman, Cara E.; Traugh, Cecelia E. – Teachers College Press, 2021
What does it mean to teach for human dignity? How does one do so? This practical book shows how the leaders at four urban public schools used a process called Descriptive Inquiry to create democratic schools that promote and protect human dignity. The authors argue that teachers must attend to who a child is and find a way to create classrooms…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Human Dignity, Inquiry, Democracy
Koplow, Lesley – Teachers College Press, 2021
It is essential for all schools to integrate trauma-informed care into practice as children, parents, and teachers live with the threat of COVID-19. In her new book, Lesley Koplow explores the Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP) approach designed to support children and teachers' emotional well-being in the public-school setting. ERP encourages…
Descriptors: Trauma, Emotional Response, Well Being, Public Schools
Waring, Scott M. – Teachers College Press, 2021
Learn how to integrate and evaluate primary and secondary sources by using the SOURCES framework. SOURCES is an acronym for an approach that educators can use with student in all grades and content areas: Scrutinize the fundamental source, Organize thoughts, Understand the context, Read between the lines, Corroborate and refute, Establish a…
Descriptors: Information Sources, Evaluation Methods, Critical Reading, Evaluative Thinking
Boardman, Alison G.; Garcia, Antero; Dalton, Bridget; Polman, Joseph L. – Teachers College Press, 2021
Learn how to develop and sustain multimodal, project-based learning (PBL) instruction in secondary English Language Arts classrooms. National standards encourage authentic forms of reading, writing, and communication that can support college and career readiness, and this book highlights PBL as a powerful way to harness students' interests and…
Descriptors: Writing Instruction, Active Learning, Student Projects, Secondary Education
Peck, Charles A., Ed.; Cuthrell, Kristen, Ed.; Mace, Desiree H. Pointer, Ed.; Sloan, Tine, Ed.; Lys, Diana B., Ed. – Teachers College Press, 2021
This book offers concrete examples of how data can be used by faculty, staff, and program leaders to improve their collective work as teacher educators. Strong external accountability mandates often lead to tensions that undermine local morale and motivation. This volume focuses on the practical work of navigating these tensions so that valuable…
Descriptors: Data Use, Educational Improvement, Program Improvement, Teacher Education
Sahlberg, Pasi – Teachers College Press, 2021
The first two editions of "Finnish Lessons" described how a small Nordic nation built a school system that provided access to a world-class education for all of its young people. Now available in 30 languages, this Grawemeyer Award-winning book continues to influence education policies and school practices around the globe. In this…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Educational Change, Access to Education, Teachers
Hess, Frederick M.; Noguera, Pedro A. – Teachers College Press, 2021
At a time of bitter national polarization, there is a critical need for leaders who can help us better communicate with one another. In "A Search for Common Ground," Rick Hess and Pedro Noguera, who have often fallen on opposing sides of the ideological aisle over the past couple of decades, candidly talk through their differences on…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, School Choice, Testing, Student Diversity
Joseph, Ralina L.; Briscoe-Smith, Allison – Teachers College Press, 2021
"Generation Mixed Goes to School" radically listens to and weaves together stories of mixed-race children and youth, teachers, and caregivers with perspectives and research from social and developmental psychology, Critical Mixed Race Studies, and education. This book investigates how implicit bias affects multiracial kids in unforeseen…
Descriptors: Multiracial Persons, Student Diversity, Ethnicity, Student Attitudes
Dunn, Patricia A. – Teachers College Press, 2021
"Drawing Conclusions" explores the use of juxtaposed visual representations (JVRs) to help preservice teachers grapple with abstract concepts, theories, or complex controversies in education. Acting as both a learning tool and an intellectual spark, JVRs are two simple contrasted sketches that students produce on a divided sheet of…
Descriptors: Preservice Teacher Education, Preservice Teachers, Concept Formation, Abstract Reasoning
Price, Heather E. – Teachers College Press, 2021
This book walks readers through the stages of the high school college prep pipeline that introduce interlocked structural barriers to student achievement. The author shows how these barriers reinforce segregated structures that unfairly distribute the public good of education to some students and not others. Price argues that the college prep…
Descriptors: High School Students, College Preparation, College Readiness, Barriers
Huber, Lindsay Pérez, Ed.; Muñoz, Susana M., Ed. – Teachers College Press, 2021
This book examines how racist political rhetoric has created damaging and dangerous conditions for Students of Color in schools and higher education institutions throughout the United States. The authors show how the election of the 45th president has resulted in a defining moment in U.S. history where racist discourses, reinforced by ideologies…
Descriptors: Racial Bias, Political Issues, Educational Environment, Elementary Secondary Education
Wolter, Deborah L. – Teachers College Press, 2021
Through eight compelling stories of restorative literacies, Wolter explores the complex relationships among cognition, metacognition, identity, behavior in schools, and literacies. Based on the principles of restorative justice, restorative literacies are designed to help educators repair harm, restore relationships, and expand the concept of…
Descriptors: Literacy, Justice, Models, Culturally Relevant Education
Zipke, Marcy – Teachers College Press, 2021
All students can benefit from a deeper understanding of how our language works. "Playing With Language" shows elementary school educators (K-6) how to think about, talk about, and manipulate language out of context. This cognitive skill set, known as metalinguistic awareness, is an important component of reading ability. This practical…
Descriptors: Reading Instruction, Metalinguistics, Elementary School Teachers, Reading Teachers
Pak, Katie, Ed.; Ravitch, Sharon M., Ed. – Teachers College Press, 2021
Educational leaders confront instances of inequity every day, whether they are aware of it or not. Many find themselves inadequately reacting to such issues due in part to traditional preparation programs that fail to interrogate the existence and impact of systems of oppression. Why is naming and tackling inequity not at the forefront of every…
Descriptors: Instructional Leadership, Praxis, Educational Change, Social Change
Soslau, Elizabeth; Alexander, Monique – Teachers College Press, 2021
This is a must-have resource for clinical and field experience coordinators and all educators who find themselves in the position of guiding teacher candidates. The authors provide a comprehensive toolkit for the complex work of field instruction, including mentoring approaches; conversation stems; conferencing techniques; lesson debriefing…
Descriptors: Student Teachers, Mentors, Student Teacher Evaluation, Reflective Teaching
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