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TNTP, 2024
Multilingual learners (MLs) are the country's fastest-growing student population: One in five students speak a language other than English at home, and 10 percent of the student population across the country is identified for language development services in school. Despite these students' growing presence nationwide, relatively few best practices…
Descriptors: Multilingualism, Second Language Instruction, Second Language Learning, Outcomes of Education
TNTP, 2023
The education students deserve starts with great and diverse teachers. But while many states have made impressive progress on diversifying the teacher workforce, that progress could be at risk. This is because school districts commonly use seniority--"Last In, First Out," or LIFO--to determine which teachers to lay off. But LIFO is not…
Descriptors: Teachers, Teacher Employment, Job Layoff, Status
TNTP, 2023
In the aftermath of the pandemic, public schools nationwide face profound challenges. Student test scores are down, absenteeism is at an all-time high, and educators are working tirelessly to bridge the learning gap. But research shows families believe that everything is back to normal or will be soon. This report explores this disconnect by…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, Attendance, Grades (Scholastic)
TNTP, 2022
Schools are working urgently to help students catch back up to grade level in the wake of the pandemic. But that can only happen if students get consistent opportunities to do grade-level work. Our previous research has shown that when students fall behind, providing access to grade level work with appropriate support (learning acceleration) is…
Descriptors: Teachers, Instructional Program Divisions, Remedial Instruction, Acceleration (Education)
TNTP, 2021
With more students returning to in-person instruction, school systems can begin to shift their focus from surviving the crisis to helping students recover. Above all else, that means accelerating students back to grade level--not by rushing through the curriculum, but by using proven strategies that help students engage with the most critical work…
Descriptors: Acceleration (Education), Educational Change, COVID-19, Pandemics
TNTP, 2021
Research suggests more students have experienced more unfinished learning over the last year than ever before. With the COVID-19 pandemic waning, school systems are facing a critical choice about how to respond. Should they use the traditional approach of reviewing all the content students missed, known as "remediation?" Or should they…
Descriptors: Acceleration (Education), Remedial Mathematics, Elementary School Students, COVID-19
TNTP, 2021
Community, collaboration, and relationships have become more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the country, school districts have embraced this opportunity to rethink how to engage with families and the surrounding community. With strong leadership that treats families, caregivers, and community organizations as full and…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, School Districts, School Community Relationship