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Picot, Garnett; Hou, Feng – Statistics Canada, 2020
In both Canada and the United States, immigrants constitute a disproportionately large share of the supply of university-educated labour trained in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. This article examines the Canada-U.S. differences in the occupational skill utilization and earnings of STEM-educated immigrant…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Comparative Education, STEM Education, Immigrants
Hou, Feng; Schimmele, Christoph – Statistics Canada, 2020
With the continuing spread of COVID-19, many health-care workers in Canada are facing overwhelming workloads and risk exposure to the virus while caring for their patients. This article examines adults with a health education but not working in health occupations.
Descriptors: Disease Control, Allied Health Personnel, Allied Health Occupations Education, Risk Management
Chen, Wen-Hao; Hou, Feng – Statistics Canada, 2019
Using 2016 Canadian Census data, this article examines the socioeconomic status of the second generation of immigrants, whose population has become increasingly diverse. The analysis focuses on group differences by visible minority status in two aspects relating to socioeconomic mobility: (1) intergenerational progress in educational attainment,…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Educational Mobility, Immigrants, Socioeconomic Status
Hou, Feng; Lu, Yao; Schimmele, Christoph – Statistics Canada, 2019
The rapidly growing supply of university-educated workers from both immigration and domestic educational institutions, coupled with relatively slack demand for educated labour, has raised concerns about skill use in the Canadian economy. This study uses census data from 2001 to 2016 to compare trends in over-education among recent immigrants and…
Descriptors: Educational Trends, Educational Attainment, Immigrants, Higher Education
Lau, Yao; Hou, Feng – Statistics Canada, 2019
This study compares the differences in the mismatch between the education and occupations of immigrants in Canada and the United States, operationalized by over-education. It further explores how the cross-country differences may be related to the supply of and demand for university-educated immigrants and the way they are selected. Using…
Descriptors: Immigrants, Educational Background, Educational Attainment, Foreign Countries
Picot, Garnett; Hou, Feng – Statistics Canada, 2019
In Canada, immigrants represented more than half of the population in the prime working ages with at least a bachelor's degree in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields of study in 2016. They accounted for three-quarters of engineering and computer science graduates with a master's or doctorate degree. This paper…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Immigrants, STEM Education, Job Skills
Hou, Feng; Lu, Yuqian – Statistics Canada, 2017
While destination-country education provides many potential advantages for immigrants, empirical studies in Australia, Canada and the United States have produced mixed results on the labour outcomes of immigrants who are former international students. This study uses large national longitudinal datasets to examine cross-cohort trends and…
Descriptors: Foreign Students, Immigration, Income, Education Work Relationship
Frank, Kristyn; Hou, Feng – Statistics Canada, 2017
The increased migration of skilled workers globally has led to a focus in the immigration literature on the economic costs of unsuccessful labour market integration. Less attention has been given to the consequences of employment difficulties, such as those related to over-education, on aspects of immigrants' subjective well-being. Although a…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Life Satisfaction, Immigrants, Educational Attainment
Hou, Feng; Bonikowska, Aneta – Statistics Canada, 2016
It has been well documented that the children of immigrants in Canada outperform their peers with Canadian-born parents in educational attainment, and that the two groups have similar labour market outcomes. However, large variations by ethnicity or source country exist among the children of immigrants. This study examines the extent to which…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Immigrants, Educational Attainment, Employment
Hou, Feng; Zhang, Qi – Statistics Canada, 2015
Canada is well-known for its success in integrating the children of immigrants into the education system and labour market. In particular, the children of immigrants generally outperform the children of Canadian-born parents in educational attainment by a large margin. Previous studies have attributed this success to the socioeconomic and cultural…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Regional Characteristics, Outcomes of Education, Immigrants