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Crowe, Meagan – Southern Education Foundation, 2022
This report, the first in the Economic Vitality and Education in the South (EVES) series, provides state-by-state information on more than 20 critical data points associated with the education-to-workforce pipeline. The report looks specifically at the 17 states in the Southern Education Foundation (SEF) region: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware,…
Descriptors: Education Work Relationship, Labor Force Development, Achievement Gap, Social Justice
Jones, Sabrina; Ali, Titilayo Tinubu – Southern Education Foundation, 2021
While teaching is the most important school-based factor in student success, teaching is also ranked one of the worst professions for physical health, psychological well-being, and job satisfaction. That leads to high rates of absenteeism and turnover, exacting a financial toll on schools and negatively affecting students' academic achievement.…
Descriptors: Stress Variables, Teacher Burnout, Well Being, Beginning Teachers
Ali, Titilayo Tinubu; Cherukumilli, Sujith; Herrera, Mirel – Southern Education Foundation, 2021
The school reopening debate has reached an inflection point as districts weigh both the safety and learning implications of returning to in-person education this fall. Challenges with transitioning to distance learning during the spring made it clear that teachers, parents and students needed more and different resources to make supportive,…
Descriptors: Distance Education, Equal Education, COVID-19, Pandemics
Tinubu Ali, Titilayo; Cherukumilli, Sujith – Southern Education Foundation, 2020
As the COVID-19 Pandemic intensified in the spring, school and system leaders throughout the South rapidly pivoted toward distance learning. The Southern Education Foundation (SEF) sought to understand how these districts were keeping equity issues at the center of their plans. The team began by publishing "Distance Learning During COVID-19:…
Descriptors: Pupil Personnel Services, COVID-19, Pandemics, Distance Education
Tinubu Ali, Titilayo; Herrera, Mirel – Southern Education Foundation, 2020
Government officials are taking swift public health actions to slow the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic. By the end of March, statewide school closures affected 55.1 million K-12 public school students across the country. While school closures affect all students, students from underserved communities feel this impact even greater. Data on…
Descriptors: Public Health, Disease Control, Public Schools, Elementary Secondary Education
Southern Education Foundation, 2019
For over 150 years, the Southern Education Foundation (SEF) has been committed to developing and advocating for high-quality school systems for students of color and low-income students throughout the South. Policymakers, including those both elected or appointed to critical state and local positions, maintain tremendous influence over the quality…
Descriptors: Public Policy, Educational Policy, State Policy, Equal Education
Assalone, Amanda; Preston, DeShawn; McElroy, Breanna – Southern Education Foundation, 2018
According to the Department of Education (Federal Student Aid Handbook, 2016), the cost of attendance is an estimate of a student's educational expenses for the period of enrollment. Cost of attendance is not only as important to consider as tuition and fees (which are only one component of cost of attendance), but it serves as the cornerstone of…
Descriptors: College Students, Low Income Students, Paying for College, Student Attitudes
Preston, DeShawn – Southern Education Foundation, 2017
This report specifically addresses developmental education (DE), also known as remedial education, approaches that serve as major barriers and, conversely, opportunities for success that are often overlooked and disproportionately affect Black students who gain access to higher education. Its primary focus is to draw light to the systemic issues…
Descriptors: Developmental Studies Programs, Remedial Instruction, African American Students, Barriers
Jones, Tiffany; Assalone, Amanda – Southern Education Foundation, 2016
The Southern Education Foundation's (SEF) Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) Consortium for Innovation and Change was instituted in 2011 to advance creative and promising initiatives that enhance institutional practice and student outcomes. In keeping with the SEF mission, these innovations specifically address educational barriers that…
Descriptors: Barriers, Low Income Groups, Minority Group Students, Higher Education
Frankl, Evie – Southern Education Foundation, 2016
Community Schools implement evidence-based strategy to bring together the resources of school, family, and community in order to make schools stronger and help young people thrive. While they might take different approaches, these schools generally employ whole-child, research-based strategies and elevate innovative and holistic practices in order…
Descriptors: Community Schools, Educational Change, Change Strategies, Models
Morelon, Carla; Jones, Tiffany; Russell, LaToya – Southern Education Foundation, 2016
The Southern Education Foundation (SEF) engaged a group of 13 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in a study of institutional effectiveness. The purpose of this study was to: (1) identify the issues related to capacity and institutional practice that contribute to overall campus effectiveness; and (2) to understand what, and how,…
Descriptors: Black Colleges, Organizational Effectiveness, Institutional Evaluation, Educational Practices
Southern Education Foundation, 2015
For the first time in recent history, a majority of the schoolchildren attending the nation's public schools come from low income families. The latest data collected from the states by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), evidence that 51 percent of the students across the nation's public schools were low income in 2013. The…
Descriptors: Public Schools, Low Income Groups, National Surveys, Poverty
Dingerson, Leigh – Southern Education Foundation, 2015
In this report, the Annenberg Institute for School Reform and the Southern Education Foundation (SEF) highlight instructional and community-based strategies for strong public schools in Georgia. The authors offer eight essential, evidence-based strategies for success: (1) Access to high quality early childhood and pre-K education; (2)…
Descriptors: Public Schools, School Districts, Evidence Based Practice, Community Schools
Southern Education Foundation, 2014
This brief summarizes the findings of the larger study, "Just Learning: The Imperative to Transform Juvenile Justice Systems into Effective Educational Systems. A Study of Juvenile Justice Schools in the South and the Nation." With awareness growing that schools are disciplining and suspending minority students at alarming rates, the…
Descriptors: Juvenile Justice, Minority Group Students, Disproportionate Representation, Institutionalized Persons
Suitts, Steve; Dunn, Katherine; Sabree, Nasheed – Southern Education Foundation, 2014
With awareness growing that schools are disciplining and suspending minority students at alarming rates, the report provides powerful evidence that young people placed in the juvenile justice system-predominately minority males incarcerated for minor offenses-are receiving a substandard education. The report, "Just Learning: The Imperative to…
Descriptors: Juvenile Justice, Minority Group Students, Disproportionate Representation, Institutionalized Persons
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