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Sunal, Cynthia Szymanski – School Science and Mathematics, 1982
Early childhood education today is seen as multifaceted, with its philosophical roots involving three major views: (1) Behaviorist-Environmentalist; (2) Maturationist; and (3) Comprehensive-Interactionist. How these views translate into educational practice is detailed. (MP)
Descriptors: Cognitive Development, Early Childhood Education, Educational Philosophy, Elementary Education
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Jones, Robert M.; Steinbrink, John E. – School Science and Mathematics, 1991
Described is a cooperative content study group approach to learning that minimizes individual student memorization and maximizes student interaction. Directions for preparing instructional materials and implementing cooperative home teams, a sample home team worksheet, sample test and study items, and hints and suggestions are included. (KR)
Descriptors: Cooperative Learning, Elementary Education, Groups, Science Activities
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Tracy, Dyanne M., Ed. – School Science and Mathematics, 1994
Presents an introductory lesson on remote sensing and image processing to be used in cooperative groups. Students are asked to solve a problem by gathering information, making inferences, transforming data into other forms, and making and testing hypotheses. Includes four expansions of the lesson and a reproducible student worksheet. (MKR)
Descriptors: Cooperative Learning, Data Interpretation, Experiential Learning, Integrated Activities
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Pearlman, Susan; Pericak-Spector, Kathleen – School Science and Mathematics, 1995
Gives lesson plans for activities integrating mathematics and science in which students collect data on the nutritional makeup of a number of snack foods and relate this information to the recommendations of the food guide pyramid. (MKR)
Descriptors: Data Analysis, Data Collection, Intermediate Grades, Learning Activities
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Wagner-Pine, Linda; Keith, Donna Graham – School Science and Mathematics, 1994
Presents an integrated math/science activity that shows students the differences among the three types of volcanoes using observation, classification, graphing, sorting, problem solving, measurement, averages, pattern relationships, calculators, computers, and research skills. Includes reproducible student worksheet. Lists 13 teacher resources.…
Descriptors: Data Collection, Integrated Activities, Intermediate Grades, Mathematics Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Pagni, David – School Science and Mathematics, 1988
Presents 12 problems for students to investigate the relationships involving properties of numbers by using BASIC language. (YP)
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Mathematics, Mathematics Materials, Mathematics Tests
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Olson, Melfried; Olson, Judith – School Science and Mathematics, 1988
Describes a pattern which emerged from an examination of the digits of the squares of numbers. Provides eight examples having the pattern at the units or tens digit of the number. (YP)
Descriptors: Algorithms, Arithmetic, Elementary Education, Elementary School Mathematics
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Aichele, Douglas B. – School Science and Mathematics, 1982
Three examples are presented which involve constructions employing a compass, a centimeter ruler, and a calculator. Employing mathematical tools to support understanding and discovery of mathematical principles is viewed as being clearly a desire of mathematics educators, but it is felt such tools are not frequently used to their fullest. (MP)
Descriptors: Calculators, Geometric Constructions, Geometry, Mathematical Concepts
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Vance, Irvin E. – School Science and Mathematics, 1982
A complete characterization of minimum conditions for congruence of quadrilaterals is presented. Convex quadrilaterals are treated first, then concave quadrilaterals are considered. A study of such minimum conditions is seen to provide some interesting and important activities for students. Only background in triangle congruence is necessary. (MP)
Descriptors: Geometric Concepts, Geometry, Instructional Materials, Mathematical Enrichment
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
McNerney, Charles R. – School Science and Mathematics, 1983
This article considers the sum of a finite geometric series as applied to numeric data storage in the memory of an electronic digital computer. The presentation is viewed as relevant to programing in several languages and removes some of the mystique associated with syntax constraints that any language imposes. (MP)
Descriptors: College Mathematics, Computer Science Education, Higher Education, Mathematical Applications