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Gormley, Kevin – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2023
This book critically analyses how cultural and educational policies construct creativity through a range of concepts and compares this against the open and expansive idea of creativity as experienced by individuals in society more broadly. The book draws on empirical data, case-study examples, and ethnographic motifs to identify the discursive…
Descriptors: Educational Policy, Creativity, Cultural Influences, Neoliberalism
Col, Lee Del; Stahl, Garth – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2023
"Working in a Survival School" documents how global educational policies trickle down and influence school cultures and the lives of educators and educational leaders. The research traces the everyday work and experience of educators within an all-boys Catholic college suffering an unprecedented decline in enrolment numbers. In short, it…
Descriptors: Educational Policy, Single Sex Schools, Males, Catholic Schools
Addey, Camilla, Ed.; Piattoeva, Nelli, Ed. – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2022
What do we actually do when we research education policy and governance? Why do we tame the messy hinterland of research into smooth accounts and what do we lose in the process? In this volume, distinguished scholars in education policy and governance research discuss how the practice of methods is messy, subjective, and provisional. They approach…
Descriptors: Educational Policy, Educational Research, Governance, Research Methodology
Woods, Emily Lubin – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2022
Drawing on rich case studies of Baltimore City and Boston, this volume identifies policy factors and processes critical to the successful district-wide adoption of community schools. By applying the Multiple Streams Model (Kingdon) to comparative analysis of policy determination and the narratives of local stakeholders across a 16-year period,…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Educational Policy, Urban Education, Educational Change
Teodoro, António, Ed. – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2022
This volume offers a critical examination of the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA), focusing on its origins and implementation, relationship to other international large-scale assessments, and its impacts on educational policy and reform at national and cross-national levels. Using empirical data gathered from a research…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Achievement Tests, Secondary School Students, International Assessment
Doney, Jonathan – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2021
This book presents the theoretical basis and practical steps involved in using Statement Archaeology, an innovative method that enhances understandings of policy development, exemplifying its use in relation to one curriculum subject, Religious Education. The book is the first of its kind to fully describe the theoretical foundations of Statement…
Descriptors: Archaeology, Religious Education, Educational Policy, Politics of Education
Rodwell, Grant – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2021
This work attempts a comparative description and analysis, focusing on the US, the UK, and Australia on the topic of the Right, educational policy, and schooling. It adopts as its underlying theme the burning fuse in tracing the topic back to Joseph de Maistre a Rightist who fled revolutionary France to seek safety in the company of Tsar Alexander…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Comparative Education, Educational Policy, Policy Formation
Jones, Bronwen MA – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2021
This book questions what 'educating the whole child' means in the context of our current neoliberal education system. In analysing the impact of how education policy is enacted and understood, it examines how this 'neoliberalisation' has shaped the personal and ethical relations of education. The book is unique in raising questions about the way…
Descriptors: Neoliberalism, Educational Practices, Educational Policy, Governance
Bozalek, Vivienne, Ed.; Hölscher, Dorothee, Ed.; Zembylas, Michalinos, Ed. – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2020
Nancy Fraser and Participatory Parity provides a philosophical framework based on the work of Nancy Fraser, examining how her ideas can be used to analyse contemporary issues in higher education and reimagine higher education practices. Providing a forum for considering Fraser's work in relation to participatory parity in higher education, the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Social Justice, Higher Education, Politics of Education
Münch, Richard – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2020
This book provides a critical analysis of the neoliberal reform agenda of the economic governance of schools. Focusing on the role of the United States in this process, it explores the transformation of schools in this agenda from educational establishments to enterprises in a competitive education market. The study uses Bourdieu to apply a…
Descriptors: Governance, Educational History, Educational Change, Neoliberalism
Ku, Hsaio-Yuh – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2020
"Education for Democracy in England in World War II" examines the educational discourse and involvement in wartime educational reforms of five important figures: Fred Clarke, R. H. Tawney, Shena Simon, H. C. Dent and Ernest Simon. These figures campaigned for educational reforms through their books, publishing articles in newspapers,…
Descriptors: Democracy, Citizenship Education, Foreign Countries, War
Hoadley, Ursula – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2020
As South Africa transitioned from apartheid to democracy, changes in the political landscape, as well as educational agendas and discourse on both a national and international level, shaped successive waves of curriculum reform over a relatively short period of time. Using South Africa as a germane example of how curriculum and pedagogy can…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Educational Change, Curriculum Development, Poverty
Sullivan, David – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2019
"Education, Liberal Democracy and Populism: Arguments from Plato, Locke, Rousseau and Mill" provides a lucid and critical guide shedding light on the continuing relevance of earlier thinkers to the debates between populists and liberals about the nature of education in democratic societies. The book discusses the relationship Rousseau…
Descriptors: Educational Philosophy, Democracy, Role of Education, Politics
Hunt, Erika L., Ed.; Hood, Lisa, Ed.; Haller, Alicia M., Ed.; Kincaid, Maureen, Ed. – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2019
Providing an in-depth look at the processes, pitfalls, and successes that can emerge from major education reform efforts at the state level, this volume covers the full policy change cycle in the development and transformation of the Illinois principal preparation program. Offering perspectives from the major stakeholder groups involved in…
Descriptors: Principals, Administrator Education, State Policy, Educational Policy
Dahlstedt, Magnus, Ed.; Fejes, Andreas, Ed. – Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics, 2019
"Neoliberalism and Market Forces in Education" provides a wide perspective on the dramatic transformation of education policy in Sweden that has taken place during the last 30 years, with a specific focus on marketization. The marketization of education in Sweden is set in the wider international context of changes in education systems.…
Descriptors: Neoliberalism, Commercialization, Educational Change, Foreign Countries
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