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RMC Research Corporation, 2022
Research indicates that vocabulary development--linked to conceptual growth and comprehension--predicts student academic achievement throughout the elementary, middle, and high school grades. Intelligence increases as vocabulary continues to develop. The iSpy program provides high-quality, content-rich classroom books, learning manipulatives, and…
Descriptors: Program Evaluation, Preschool Education, Play, Emergent Literacy
RMC Research Corporation, 2022
As the world transitioned out of a global pandemic, the Quality Early Education System (QEES) continued to push for innovative programming and strengthen the collaboration between community partners. QEES in Hillsborough County, Florida has a front-row seat to the challenges presented to the early childhood community, ranging from staffing…
Descriptors: Educational Quality, Early Childhood Education, Program Evaluation, COVID-19
RMC Research Corporation, 2021
The New Hampshire Department of Education's (NH DOE) Bureau of Career Development (BCD) realized that students experienced inequitable access to career and technical education (CTE), with evidence suggesting that geographic location of high schools and CTE centers played a key role in driving inequitable access. To better understand the specific…
Descriptors: Vocational Education, Access to Education, Equal Education, Barriers
Norman-Goins, Kimilee; Sharp, Diana – RMC Research Corporation, 2021
It is impossible to anticipate the length and impact of a global pandemic. Millions of young children across the globe had to quickly adjust to innovations in technology that support cognitive development. The coaches and educators at the Quality Early Education System (QEES) in Hillsborough County-a comprehensive, multiagency effort to support…
Descriptors: Educational Quality, Early Childhood Education, Program Evaluation, COVID-19
RMC Research Corporation, 2020
The Alabama Coaching Framework turns superintendent, Dr. Eric Mackey's vision to provide innovative support to teachers into a reality. The framework sets the standard for how coaches in any content area conduct their work in Alabama. This evidence-based framework includes contributions across various areas of expertise within the state…
Descriptors: Coaching (Performance), Evidence Based Practice, Literacy, Strategic Planning
Sharp, Diana – RMC Research Corporation, 2020
For thousands of young children in Hillsborough County, Florida, this story includes unprecedented changes in the care and teaching they receive from adults, all of whom are impacted by the societal upheaval caused by the pandemic. The changes in young children's experiences that began on March 13--the day the U.S. government declared the COVID-19…
Descriptors: Educational Quality, Early Childhood Education, COVID-19, Pandemics
RMC Research Corporation, 2020
Consensus is growing that high-quality early education is a critical support to all subsequent learning. In early childhood education quality is generally considered holistically in terms of the physical environment, programmatic structure (e.g., length of the school day), curriculum and instruction, and the nature of interactions between teachers…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Educational Quality, Instructional Effectiveness, Teaching Methods
Weston-Sementelli, Jennifer L.; Saxton, Emily; Anguiano, Carlos; Espel, Emma V.; Meyer, Stephen – RMC Research Corporation, 2020
RMC Research used a case study approach to document implementation of "Imagine Language & Literacy" and a correlational design to examine the relationship between student program usage and student academic achievement outcomes for students in grades K-2. "Imagine Language & Literacy" is a digital education program…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Correlation, Program Implementation, Academic Achievement
RMC Research Corporation, 2019
When students are unable to read by the end of third grade, their risk of falling behind academically grows exponentially. In fact, research shows that nearly nine out of ten high school dropouts were struggling readers in third grade. Students who are not reading proficiently by the end of third grade are four times more likely to drop out of…
Descriptors: State Legislation, Educational Legislation, Literacy Education, Primary Education
Sharp, Diana; Melton, Joshua A. – RMC Research Corporation, 2019
The Quality Early Education System (QEES) program is based on a vision where all children arrive at school with the benefit of high-quality positive life experiences that matter for brain development in all of the areas that play critical roles in school success. This vision is greatly needed in Hillsborough County, Florida, where data from 2018…
Descriptors: Educational Quality, Early Childhood Education, Program Evaluation, Program Effectiveness
Dimitrov, Dimiter; Jurich, Sonia; Frye, Michael; Lammert, Jill; Sayko, Sarah; Taylor, Laura – RMC Research Corporation, 2012
The Illinois Striving Readers (ISR) Project had two purposes: (1) implement a supplemental reading intervention for students in ninth grade who were reading below grade level; and (2) study the impact of the intervention on students' performance on standardized assessments using a randomized control trial design. The Illinois Striving Readers…
Descriptors: Reading Programs, Program Evaluation, Intervention, Secondary School Students
Schenck, Allen; Jurich, Sonia; Frye, Michael; Lammert, Jill; Sayko, Sarah – RMC Research Corporation, 2012
By the end of school year (SY) 2008-2009, Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) applied for and was awarded a four-year Striving Readers grant to implement the "Virginia Striving Readers Intervention Initiative" (VSRII). VSRII proposed to implement a supplemental reading intervention with students in seventh and eighth grades at nine…
Descriptors: Intervention, Reading Programs, Grade 7, Grade 8
Beam, Margaret; Faddis, Bonnie – RMC Research Corporation, 2012
The purpose of this evaluation of Scholastic's "System 44" conducted by RMC Research was to expand the existing research on students with learning disabilities by conducting a randomized study of struggling readers with approximately half of the sample comprised of students with learning disabilities. Specifically, this evaluation…
Descriptors: Reading Programs, Reading Difficulties, Phonics, Decoding (Reading)
Faddis, Bonnie J.; Beam, Margaret; Maxim, Lauren; Gandhi, Elizabeth Vale; Hahn, Karen; Hale, Rita – RMC Research Corporation, 2011
Portland Public Schools (PPS), the largest school district in Oregon, serves more than 46,000 students in regular and special programs. More than 2,900 classroom teachers address the needs of a diverse student population (44% minority, 46% low income, 14% special education, 9% English language learners). A district needs assessment in fall 2005…
Descriptors: Public Schools, Reading Programs, Program Evaluation, Reading Achievement
Beam, Margaret; Faddis, Bonnie J.; Hahn, Karen – RMC Research Corporation, 2011
Scholastic's "System 44" is a foundational reading program intended for older struggling readers who have not mastered basic phonics and decoding skills. Combining researched-based phonics instruction with adaptive technology, "System 44" is designed to improve students' word reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. The…
Descriptors: Reading Programs, Reading Difficulties, Phonics, Decoding (Reading)